Do you have small hand held vacume good for upholstery ?

ailene54September 30, 2013

I stopped vacuming my wood floors since the thread in kitchens about good brooms (split horse hair), it's doing such a good job. So now I need a new vacume for my upholstered furniture. Can you recommend a small hand held (cord or battery) that will do a good job? Thanks in advance for your help.

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no I don't but I tried one time and I think the regular vac did a better job. That may have change now.

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EmmaR Thanks for answering, as of now I'm using my canister vacuum, still hoping someone has a small hand held vacuum they like for furniture.

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ilene, I read somewhere before you vacuum furniture beat it a bit to loosen the dust.

I like to keep my life simple and I don't fill it up with a lot of specialty items. I use soap and water to clean. Sparkle for my glass things and plain old dust rags and Endust for dusting. No more chemicals than I have to use.

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