Red wine on wall - help!

nicole93089September 24, 2006

Hi. We just finished our major kitchen remodel (thank you to the Kitchens forum people!) and had our first party last night. Only 20 people, but within 10 minutes of arrival one overjealous guest spilled a huge glass of red wine. The granite survived of course, the thankfully well sealed grout and tile floor survived, but unfortunately the wine splashed up the lovely freshly painted Benjamin Moore "Sandy White" wall/backsplash. Is there any way to remove the wine stain? I tried a sudsy sponge and then the magic eraser (which removed some paint)to no avail. I have plenty of extra paint but am so done with painting! anything else I can try before breaking out the roller again? thanks all!

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When I was a teen, I spilled grape juice on the kitchen ceiling. The ceiling? I poured a glass of juice and was carrying it across the room, tripped over a throw rug and my arm jerked upwards. The only thing that worked was to repaint the ceiling. Those stains were awful. I am interested to see if anyone else responds.

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Sounds like a great party!!!...
It's only paint! You can try something like Oxy Clean....but remember...parties are what it's all about....and in the's just paint!
Repaint the spot...or call it the mark of a good party!
Linda C

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Give this company a call. They have a toll free number 1-888-946-3292. They can probably tell you on the phone if it will work.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wine Away

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Thanks all. I will try the "Wine Away" people, thanks! and if that doesn't work, I guess I'll paint. Or better yet, I'll decide on tile and get that backsplash done! anyway, thanks for the suggestions.

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I think you better prime with Kilz before you paint over the stain. It will probably bleed through the paint. Better to be safe than sorry, but at least the paint will match :)


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Kilz is a wonderful product! Good luck with this situation.

(Personally, I would choose a darker color paint or only serve white wine.) lol!

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You know I never considered priming it again, but I think you're right, I'll do that. Luckily, it's not huge areas of wine, just a bunch of drops/splatters.

But while we're on the subject of Kilz primer, I have some questions. I used it in a bathroom and more recently in the hallway that leads to my new kitchen. Both areas had had wallpaper that was removed. Anyway, after priming, the Kilz walls felt rough or almost textured. I went ahead and painted and it still feels slightly rough/abrasive. I know that sounds crazy, but has anyone else experienced this?? I thought maybe the residual wallpaper glue had caused the problems, but since the Kilz was oil-based, it isn't supposed to do that. I don't plan on using it again because of this strange finish, and I don't really mind it in the hallway (nobody will notice), but small bathroom looks weird to me. What do you think??? Was it just a bad can of Kilz??

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I've never had any problems with Kilz, but I don't know why you would need to use oil based. I'd have to wonder how well the walls were washed after removing the wallpaper. Been a long time since I had to do any of that stuff, but switch to water based Kilz. It will hide the stain.


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I don't think the wine stain will bleed through and there is no need to use Kilz on that. It's not an oil stain but more like a dye.
Linda C

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You know, after scrubbing more, I've gotten a lot of the wine out. It won't bleed through another coat of paint, I'm sure. As for the Kilz, I used the oil based one because I was told by the Benjamin Moore people to use oil based when you are covering an area that used to be wallpapered. Something about the wallpaper glue "reactivating" with the water in the water-based primer. In any case, I did scrub the walls well after wallpaper removal, but I'm sure there was some residue that I couldn't see. It's just so strange. I removed wallpaper in our master bedroom and cleaned, and primed just like these 2 rooms only I used the B.M. primer and the finish is gorgeous and absolutely smooth. Oh well, just one of those things I guess. thanks for the input, though!

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None of the above was helpful. Therefore I am making only this entry. The following remedies I successfully used today to remove red wine spilled last night on carpet and splashed -- downward from shoulder height -- on painted wall.
TO REMOVE RED WINE ON CARPET: (1) immediately dampen with water a clean white cotton towel (e.g. bath towel), and blot the red-wine spot until no red bleeds onto damp towel. Repeat dampening/blotting as necessary, always dampening clean area of towel. Blot (pressing down on area); don't rub.
(2) If the red-wine spot on carpet has not been totally removed by water/blotting process described in (1), then dampen with alcohol a clean white cotton towel, and blot the spot, repeating as needed with alcohol/blotting. Spot should disappear. FYI, about 12 hours intervened between my doing (1) and (2) above ---- during which time a sibling suggested trying the alcohol because water/blotting hadn't removed all ---- and it worked! However, I think normally one would do (1), and then proceed immediately to (2) if (1) doesn't get rid of all the red-wine spot on carpet.
TO REMOVE RED WINE ON PAINTED WALL: Mix equal parts bleach & water in glass dish (I used 1/3 cup of each). Dampen a clean cotton rag/towel and wipe the red wine on wall. Let dry. The red wine should be gone. BTW, the wall paint was in the white/off-white/cream hue range. Also, to protect floor/carpet from bleach, before cleaning wall I laid on floor a large grocery bag that I mask-taped to baseboard; for good measure, I then laid an old towel on top of bag.

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The bleach/water combo works like a dream -- THANK YOU!!! Having the worst day, went to open a bottle of red wine in my newly renovated kitchen, somehow the cork went into the bottle resulting in a geyser of wine. Hours later I discovered red wine splatters all over the white ceiling. Nothing I tried got them out, then I read the bleach/water idea and it worked in a snap. Again, thank you!

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For the walls, I would consider priming with BIN white pigmented shellac rather than can use a cheap little brush, as the stuff dries so fast, and you can toss it after.
It thins with denatured alcohol rather than paint thinner, and you can whisk on two coats in about ten minutes, and it really does block any bleed-through. I used it on 30-year-old knotty pine paneling which we painted ivory, and after 17 years we have still not seen a single knot.

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Hi - Stumbled across this thread using the power of google when I managed to drop a half full bottle of red wine. Bottle bounced rather than broke, resulting in half a bottle of red wine on the (white) ceiling. Spectacular, yes. Funny - for 5 mins, then subsequently very annoying.

Tried the bleach and water trick just now and it worked perfectly! wow - thanks!

two notes:
1) this was a good month after the incident, and still worked!
2) I tried first with Domestos, which I thought was as good as bleach. No effect. Then went and bought the cheapest "bleach" bleach I could fine. Results in 10 seconds!

Many thanks again, Jeremy

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Bleach and water in equal parts just saved my butt...literally i would have been in some serious trouble if my walls had wine all over them and my landlord saw it. Genious and works like magic

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The Bleach/Water combo totally worked! My 4 year old saw a napkin under my red wine glass and decided she needed to wipe her hands with it...needless to say the red wine spilled all over my counter and on my kitchen wall. At least the glass did not break! Now I can relax!

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Will the bleach solution work on a more cream to yellow colored wall?

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I tragically splattered a whole glass of red wine on the wall (!), but tried the bleach mixed with water method suggested above and it worked perfectly - phew!!

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Another validation. Had the same cork imploding wine geyser experience recounted in this string. My wife is very particular and demanding, and she agrees the bleach/water combo absolutely worked!! Saved!!

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Bleach/water combo worked like magic!! I tried lots of different ways in the past 8 months to remove the juice stain of my wall and it all failed. I was seriously thinkin about getting someone out to paint over it but thanks to this forum the bleach thing worked like a dream and saved me the stress and money to paint over the patch and what not :)

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Thank you SO SO much just_once! You may have just saved my marriage! (Slight exaggeration perhaps). The bleach and water trick really does work like magic. Same story as usual, a cork stuck in the red wine bottle, a bit of pushing, cork submerges, geyser effect. Wine splatters on the white ceiling and off white walls. Worst part was we witnessed this happen at a friend's place a few weeks ago and I didn't learn my lesson. Still, the water and bleach solution saved my ass! just_once, please get in touch so I can send you some flowers or something!

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Great for future reference. Seems like the bleach+water combo works well for many. That's great that it worked for you!

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Spilled red wine on the wall last night and ran across these postings. I tried the bleach and water and it did work like magic - thought I was going to have to repaint but the stain was gone in just a minute of washing.

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Just tried the bleach/water solution and I'm feeling so relieved. It worked instantly.

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This is amazing! Several months ago, a friend was opening a bottle of wine in our dining room, and the cork was difficult to pull out. He splashed red wine all over our gorgeous pale gray wall (which had been painted with flat "scrubbable" paint). I haven't been able to remove the stain, and I had resigned myself to repainting the wall. I just tried the half-and-half bleach/water solution, and it worked so easily! I barely blotted the stain with the solution, and it disappeared like magic. It did not bleach or change the color of the paint at all (I also used it to remove a stain from a darker beige wall, and again, it did not lighten the paint). Thank you so much for sharing this!!

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