Jenn-air micro/convection safety issue?

hill4April 10, 2013

I have a Jenn air model jmc2430ws01 micro/convection and have discovered that in certain circumstances it is possible to start the microwave on manual with no time entered. It will then run indefinitely, presumably eventually igniting any food items inside. This certainly seems like a safety issue to me. The technician has replaced the control panel and the appliance manager with no effect. I am wondering if this is a programming issue rather than faulty equipment. Does anyone else have a Jenn air microwave/convection that does this?

To test: cook or reheat something as usual, letting cycle complete. Do not press cancel. Open door. Shut door. ( clock reappears in display). Select start, cook, then manual. Now, normally it would be necessary to enter time next,, but I find the bar above start is illuminated and I can start it up . The time function shows dashes, no numbers, but the oven is heating at full power. This does not happen if the previous cycle has been interrupted or cancelled. (Sounds obscure, but actually it is easy enough to do by accident)

. I also find that the auto convection conversion doesn't convert the time ... Whatever I enter it says converted time is 00.00.00
I would love to know if anyone else has experienced these glitches.

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