Anyone use 'shop towels'?

baileyandbellaAugust 9, 2011

In Home Depot recently, I saw some disposable towels, like a thick paper towel. I think they were made by Brawny.

I thought these would be great for polishing my counters ( I don't like that waxy stuff on my regular towels), staining furniture, etc.

Just wondered if anyone used them and are they much thicker/better than a paper towel? Thanks

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Haven't use them, but I want to make a pitch for buying the $1 bag of rags sold at Goodwill. They are off white cloths, nice size, and cheap enough to use for throw away projects like staining furniture.

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My sister and I don't bother buying shop rags. We use old bath towels, you know, the worn ones with rips, stains, holes. We keep them in the basement for using to clean up water and other liquid spills, cleaning, etc. She calls hers dog towels and I call mine shop towels. I do buy paper towels for use in the kitchen.

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No, I use garage sale bath towels, flannel sheets, baby blankets, etc..

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