Pine Tree Pitch/Sap On Paint

jerry_njAugust 27, 2005

How can I remove dried (old) pine tree pitch/sap off of a painted surface, e.g., an automobile?


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Haven't had any personal experience with this, but...

The Goo Gone label says it removes tree sap, but it might also remove any wax if it is a car. You might just try in one small spot to see how it works. There are also cleaning compounds at in auto supply departments and stores which might work.

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Thanks socks1...

I do have some of that on HD spot/paint cleaner, some of it as I recall is for removing paint too, I don't want that. I do have rubbing compound too, that could work, and I think turpentine (sp) may work too as it is derived from tree sap, if I recall correctly. I havve only paint thinner on hand and it didn't do much. The sap is on the cowling of an outboard boat engine, which has very good paint on it as it is only a couple of years old.

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I used to use Lestoil to remove pine tree pitch from my car after vacations in Maine, it worked well and didn't damage the finish.

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I have terra-cota tiles on the railings of my deck which is under a huge pine tree. The sap is a real problem - it falls on the wooden parts and the furniture. I have found "denatured alcohol" on a rag does the job for me on everything. Good luck.

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Deep Woods Off works really well. Just spray on, then rub lightly - no pressure - and in a short while it will dissolve the sap. Then, just wipe off with a rag. I wore rubber gloves.

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