Removing Antique Grease from Stove Hood

bostonpat_gwAugust 2, 2004

I am in the midst of moving into an apartment previously occupied by a bachelor who liked to cook but wasn't very good at cleaning. There is a stove hood with a fan that was about the nastiest thing I've seen in a longtime - coated with cooking grease - as was the wall behind it, amd it had been there for sometime. I have cleaned the walls with a nylon scrubbie, hot water and Dawn dishwashing detergent and am quite pleased with the results. However, the stove hood interior is another matter. The Dawn solution did clean off most of the grease - whats left are these spots of antique grease that require a lot of scrubbing. Is there anything out there that can take this junk off more easily?

My shoulder thanks you!


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2 years ago, i moved into a home last resided in by pigs and we had the same problem....caked on grease all over the kitchen (cabinets, counters, stove, hood, dishwasher etc...) we were finally able to replace the stove and hood, but until that time, we were in a war against all the gunk. we scrubbed and scrubbed and could barely make a dent in the grease until i went and bought one of those Hot Shot steam worked like magic!! i guess the superheated steam dissolved the grease, because i was finally able to get rid of that crud, even in the places that were hard to reach. the only other suggestion i have is that stuff called Greased Lightening...that seems to do a good job at degreasing.

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Hardware & paint stores sell trisodium phosphate (TSP) - it's a really heavy duty grease cutter. You mix it with hot water, it's a powder so you can experiment with stregnths.

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Try Shout, the laundry booster.

Spray. Leave sit.

Spray again. Leave sit.

Spray again (about 3 hours have passed). Leave sit.

Spray again, then try going after it with a scrubber sponge.

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Greased lightning works great .... spray and let sit a little while and grease wipes right up. The other thing I use is straight ammonia (whew - cleans your sinuses too and you must use in well ventillated area) - this is truly awesome if you can stand the smell.

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I use only ammonia and the hottest water I can tolerate to clean nearly everything in my house.

My neighbor's father was visiting her years ago and proclaimed, "Don't you EVER clean under this range hood?" She was horrified and I immediately went home and looked at mine.

Disgusting!! And I had no one to blame, it was always mine. I blew out the pilot lights on the stove, draped it with two thick towels and sprayed with the hot water/ammonia. When the dripping stopped, I was able to spray and clean what was left.

Now I keep up with it to avoid a repeat of that episode.

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