Neighbor's Garbage Stinks!

hanameAugust 24, 2011

This is really becoming a problem. My neighbor's back gate is close to my front door, and as the week progresses, the stench of his garbage is noticeable on my porch. That's where I have guests come over, and leave. This isn't pleasant for them or us to experience whenever we want to go in or out. Is there something I can do? My neighbor doesn't seem interested in preventing the odors. I did speak to the HOA and they said I could register a complaint but I'm not sure I want it to go there.

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If you're not friendly with him, I'd suggest a pleasantly worded note asking them to move their cans for a few weeks. Explain the smell interferes with having guests on your porch. Don't threaten or say anything about filing a complaint. That's what I would do.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Is it in an enclosed container with a lid and the lid closed? Might it be as simple as the lid being closed? I'm guessing that by his back gate is the most convenient or out of the way place for him/her to put it.

If not in a container, I'd address the issue with the neighbor and ask that they get a container with a lid and use it...maybe go halves on it?

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I have a similar problem. My neighbor has a huge compost pile close to my property line. He and two other neighbors dump all of their yard debris on it. It is about 30' wide and 2' high. The bugs and the stench prevent me from sitting on the patio and on warm days, I can't even open the windows B/C of the odor. What can I do?

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