latex paint/stainless steel kitchen sink

ireneoAugust 20, 2006

How can i get lots of months old latex paint off of my stainless steel sink? scrubbing isn't cutting it.


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Sos pad.....
Linda C

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just discovered rust under the faucet, which we are replacing, is it a lost cause?

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I was told not to use steel wool on the stainless steel. Something about tiny fibers getting caught and causing rust in the sink. I'm not sure if the SOS pads are steel wool or a non-metal product.


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Try using a cleaner called Krud Kutter. You can find it at Home Depot or any other hardware store. It is great at removing dried latex paint.

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90% rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol will dissolve it. No scrubbing needed.

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nope, buy some goop off latex remover, will take that paint off in seconds.

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Goof Off, Oops, or other solvent will effectively remove dried latex paint. Let set to soften. Use paper towels. If you feel you need more abrasion, a plastic scrubbie will work. Avoid abrasives.

For rust on stainless, a paste of BarKeeper's Friend or Zud and water will work. Let set. These powdered cleansers contain oxalic acid, a rust remover, and come in handy for many household cleaning problems.

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