Modernaire hood damage

gwloloApril 24, 2013

Does anyone have any experiences to share on a modernaire hood that arrived damaged? Did the company take care of the issue? If the hood needed to be remade, how long did that take? Did you have to pay to have the hood shipped back etc? Any puchback from Modernaire on fixing the issue or remaking the hood if needed?

We ordered a PS26 modernaire hood after a lot of thought. The hood was manufactured and delivered a few months ago but has been at the retailer for all this time. My installer picked it up today and when it was unpacked for installed there are several places where the hood is damaged including a big dent in the front. We have called Modernaire and the retailer but don't know the next steps yet.

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"Has been at the retailer" like in I paid for it months ago, never inspected it on arrival, and was getting "free storage" until installation as a "favor" ?
That's not good.

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I guess so. I worked directly with the modernaire rep and we just placed the order through the retailer. I seem to remember that some of the old timers had some damage and modernaire worked with them? Maybe Plllog or Elizpiz?

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I remember my retailer telling me that MA can be difficult and that it was very important for me to inspect the hood when it was being unpacked and before it was installed because otherwise MA would not accept that the damage was their fault. It sounds like the damage was there when it came out of the box. I would think that MA would make good on it for you.

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How was the hood packed inside the box ?
Was the box damaged in any way?
Do you have pictures of the box ?
How long did it sit with the Retailer?

The answers to the questions above would depend on who is responsible to a remake the hood.

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The hood was packaged with blown in foam. I did not see the box but it was not open when the installer picked up. It has been with the retailer for 5 months.

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