Tip: Bubble bath cleaner

cgw1August 14, 2009

I just thought someone might be interested in my cleaning tip or perhaps I am the last one to know about it!!! Several years ago a friend told me about cleaning with Fa bath foam. Just a tiny bit in a bowl with hot water and it will clean anything. I also use Avon Bubble Bath and I think it works just as well. My favourite thing is how easy it is to clean the top of the fridge. I am short and admit that I only clean there infrequently. Just soak a towel in the solution and lay it on the surface and within seconds you can wipe it off and have a shiny clean surface (I usually do it twice because I can't believe it's clean). The exhaust fan above the stove - greasy mess gone almost instantly. I could go on and on, but you can just try it on greasy messes. I don't suggest using it in the bath or shower-just imagine what it does for our skin!

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Save time and money by laying some newspaper on top of the fridge. It will collect the grease and dust that lands up there. Then just throw the newspaper away and replace with a fresh one when it gets dirty.

Do the same on top of your kitchen cabinets if they do not go all the way to the ceiling or have soffits.

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