My cat hair cleaning secret

bronwynsmomAugust 25, 2008

I have two black and white cats, one long haired, and they shed fabulously on all my pale things. The fellow that came to clean my upholstery last year showed me this trick, and I almost kissed him when I saw how well it worked.

Put on a rubber glove, and wipe the hairy fabric with a firnm, flat palm. The hair rolls into a ball instantly, and you can just grab it and pitch it out...any stray hairs come right up with a sticky roller.

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I use a slightly damp sponge,it also works great. Thanks for the tip.

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Damp washcloths are good too!

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I recently bought a rubber-like brush from WalMart. It's design to remove pet hair with static. It only cost a buck or two. I don't have a pet, but thought it might be useful for removing lint or hair from dark clothing.

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Debsan, the rubber brushes don't work well. I tried it for our cat hair, a damp washcloth is still the best (and cheapest) way to go.

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You can buy a 'mitt' that has rubber palm with bumps. It is for grooming cats and it really works. It is also good for removing hair from furniture and clothing.

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The rubber glove is a great idea. The non-slip shelf lining - the kind that looks like a rubbery mesh - works really good at pulling cat hair off of fabrics quickly, too. Just wad it up and brush it over the fabric. You'll still need to vacuum up all the clumps of hair that come off, but that's easier than cleaning a damp washcloth or sponge that has hair all over it!

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My cats like to sleep on my fabric dining room chairs. I find a damp washcloth is best for getting rid of their hair. Those sticky rollers work well too, but the tape runs out fast.

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This thread reminds me of the Calico Cat I had years ago. She got pregnant in the summer and she was so big and looked so uncomfortable. I would lay her down and rub her with wet hands and she really really, purred. My hands would be covered with fur. She had 8 or 9 babies.

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