What's your secret for cleaning stainless steel stoves & hoods

chefwongAugust 30, 2009

We use Hopes on the fridges as well as on the oven/top of the hood.

I've subcumbed and just short of wipedowns, I am always using oven cleaner to clean the top of our Wolf Stoves. Even with wipedowns..depending on what's cooking and what's splattering....grease just get's stuck on the top. I AVOIDED using easy off but after tired of scrubbing for ages, Easy Off is such a winner in this application.

What do you guys use/recommend for areas like the inside/sides/inside tops of the stove hood ? I've been using Easy Off BAM degreaser which seems to work fairly well . Was just cleaning tonight and grabbed whatever what under the kitchen sink and nada....Fantastik as well as some Lysol Degreaser.

Just curious what ya'll use. I have yet to test/experiment with my steam cleaner. I have a semi-commerical unit.

It does WONDERS on our wood flooring. I am a nut when it comes to the floors. I've always thought the floors were clean but boy oh boy, after using the steamer on the kitchen floors one time, you could instantly tell it was cleaner than previous methods as the wood floors were slightly slippery....

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The Mr. Clean magic erasers do a fabulous job.

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