little bugs

spicegirl_0101August 30, 2010

I'm finding these little bugs around my house. They are black, are smaller than a grain of rice, and have a very hard exterior.

Any thoughts on some names I can google to find out what they are?



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It sounds like you may have flour bugs. Go through your cupboards and check all your flour, rice and any grains or foodstuff like bread crumbs, bread, crackers and cereals.

Look on line and see what they look like. If it is them, You'd better get anything that is not contaminated in air tight containers and pitch what you think is doubtful

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Here is a link to detail regarding different bugs that can invaid via the kitchen ... flour bugs being to most common.

Here is a link that might be useful: bugs in your cupboards

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I think they may be red flour beetles. From what I read, red flour beetles can fly and confused flour beetles cannot fly.


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Grab a couple of them and put in a jar so you can bring them to your local extermination company who can advise you what pesticide to use. A friend once got an infestation of flour beetles from a bag of flour. She had to empty all drawers and cabinets and pull all furniture from the walls so I could spray every nook and cranny of the apartment. I used Diazinon .5%, since banned.

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