Another Kitchen Cabinet thread - MATTE cherrywood

chefwongAugust 30, 2009

We have low sheen cherry cabinets. I don't even like touching them as minimal as possible to not rub/indjuce a sheen.

There are some obvious areas collecting grease/day 2 day dirt and I'm not sure what the best approach is to it. The area under the sink ----just the part closest to the counter is shiny but I'm going to take this for granted...

However, the 2 cabinets by the sides of my hood and common areas like a specific drawer and door we use often, under the handles, etc tend to show slight greasy/shine to it. I have tried using our wood floor cleaner - bona floor cleaner with not alot of success. I did not rub hard though. Just a light spray and really light wipe with a plush microfiber.

Any suggestions ..

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Go to the manufacturer's website and see what they recommend. They usually just recommend wiping with a damp cloth.

And teach your family how to grab the cabinet door knob without touching the cabinet. Have to admit though, I failed at this.

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