Porter & Charles duel fuel range

NickyApril 20, 2013

Hi everyone,
Wondering if anyone knows anything about the Porter & Charles duel fuel range. We saw it at a local appliance store & thought it was beautiful... It is also just within our budget & the duel fuel makes it very attractive. But I can't find any reviews.

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The distributor for them is in Canada, probably a good thing , as I see you live there.

After much googling it appears they are made in Italy.
I would suggest you go to the Porter & Charles Website, (Just google, Porter & Charles Ranges.

Couple of things "stand out" (To Me!!!)

The oven uses "Steam Assist Cleaning" like some of the new Whirlpool Ranges/ovens, and from that we have seen posted, as well as reviews from Consumer reports, (Yeah I know), This method of self cleaning ovens has been less than an "Overwhelming Success"!! IE , it just doesn't work.
Now perhaps the Italians got it right, but I wouldn't bet money on it!

Second, (and again "To Me), it seems a bit "anemic" on the burner power, Only 1 "Wok Burner" 16,000btu, and then one "High temp burner", 11,000btu, and the rest are "Below the Radar Screen"

They do look nice, (at least from the pictures), and your posts does not mention how you cook or bake, but "Performance wise", (IE Heat), You would do much better with a Blue Star, or NXR (trying to stay in that price rance).

On a "+ note", it does seem they offer a 2 year parts and labour warranty!

Personally, I would like to see the Company, (Porter & Charles) do well, as the more competition the better!!!


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Yes, costco has the Bluestar in canada again & it is another one on the list. I thought that all of the burners were 16 000 on the Porter & Charles. I misread the pamphlet! Oops. That changes things. ): I am not much of a baker, but do a lot of roasting. They really are a beautiful looking range. Hmmm.... Leaning towards the Bluestar.

Thanks for the reply!

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