Removing vomit smell

kathyc618August 26, 2008

HELP !!!!!! I have a Daycare in my home in the 20 years that I've done it I have never had this smell so bad. One of my daycare children got the flu and vomited on one of my couches. My husband cleaned it with a small professional carpet cleaner that he has at work. He also sprayed it with odor neutralizer. It still smelled. I have sprayed it with Fabreze now it smells like flowery vomit. Does anyone have any ideas? I put 2 pie tines with baking soda under the couch today.

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Rub baking soda in to the spot on the couch where the vomit was.....then vacuum it up.
Linda C

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I had a carpet cleaner tell me to use the old fashioned concentrated Lysol in the brown bottle. It does need to be diluted, but worked wonderfully for me.

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You might try the cleaner that uses cultures of microorganisms that actually "eat" up the organic substance that is causing the smell. Odors are actually tiny particles of the offending substance that have reached your nose. Ugh!

I'd saturate the spot and leave it for 24 hours, then check it. If it's not gone, I'd repeat it for another 24 hours, then use the steam cleaner. This has done wonders on organic stains and odors for us.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pet Oops Cleaner

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Linda Cobb (the "Queen of Clean") recommends using a product called ODORZOUT. You can use it dry (which would be good in your situation since you will be treating upholstery) or wet. She says she hasn't found an odor yet that it doesn't work on. The web address is or call 1-800-88STINK. (I got this information from Linda's book called "How the Queen Cleans Everything.") I haven't tried it, but I trust her.

She says that you have to resist the temptation to wipe up vomit because that just smears it. (I think this makes sense . . . wiping it up may actually push the stuff further down into the sofa materials, making it harder to get the odor out.) She says to remove solids with a paper towel and then sprinkle baking soda on what is left (which will absorb moisture and digestive acids). Let it dry and then wipe up the dried stuff with paper towels or vacuum it up. Then work on anything that is left with a rag and whatever cleaner you want to use.

Again, I want to say that this is all information from Linda Cobb's books.

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you need to remove the paddig from inside the cushion as it is holding the germs and bacteria from the vomit. I would suggest removing all the pads from your cushions if you can and covering them in plastic bags and them inserting them back into the covers. turn the cushion cover inside out, take it outside and spray it with the hose, go to the pet store and buy the natural enzyme odor destroyer and use that. if the smell is eminiating from a part of the couch where you can't remove the cushion, ou may have to get someone to inject the odor destoyer into the padding, or you can do it with one of those meat flavoring injectors.

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