72 inch Shaker style vanity options

lotsofkidsApril 10, 2013

I'm having trouble finding what I want in the length that I want. I want a 72' Shaker style vanity. I love this one: http://www.foremostgroups.com/content/bath/vanities/ashburn/asga6021d
Love the price, the look, the reviews, but it's a foot shorter than we have room for, and since this bathroom will be shared by 4 kids, I think we should maximize our space. As I'm looking, I can't find anything like it in 72 inch, and that size seems to all be in the $2000 range.

Do I buy this one and build in 12' wide shelves of some sort?

Do I just deal with a 5-foot vanity?

Or do I buy 2 of the 36' ones and put them side by side (with a shared countertop) to make a 72' vanity? I'm assuming the contractor would shave off the sides to make them flush where they meet? It even comes in right side and left side drawer options.

Or let them be two separate vanities that are very close together?

So far the pricing I've gotten on custom cabinets like this is very pricey.

Is there another option I'm not thinking of?

Here is a link that might be useful: Vanity

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There is this:
at $1250 a little more, but includes the countertop, backsplash and sinks

or this:

overstock.com, wayfair, costco and ebay are other sources to try.

I think if you can't find a 72" vanity, that I would go with the 60" you love (gorgeous) and maybe find a tall, narrow shelving unit to add storage. For what it is worth I grew up one of 4 kids sharing a single bath with only a single 24-30" vanity. We didn't know any better and we all survived. ;)

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Thanks for the suggestions. The reason we are looking for one with no counter top is bc we are having to replace our kitchen countertops right now, and we had to buy 2 slabs. We have half a slab leftover. We had hoped to use the rest of the slab on this and a few other bathroom vanities that will need replacing in the future for the same reason. Since we paid for it, we love it, and it was expensive, we want to use it. I had thought about looking for a 12-inch storage unit, but wasn't even sure where to start.

All of this came up rather suddenly and what I thought I had years to plan for is happening in the next two months. So I'm freaking out. A lot.

There were 6 of us kids who shared one bathroom, and we made it too :). We really try to be realistic about how much is too much with our kids (though we lose sight and have to get back on track). We are also considering resale value in case we ever have to move, and planning for the fact that any of our parents could end up living with us. We are not chronic remodelers, so we want to get it as right as we can the first time.

I'll check Ebay. I haven't looked there yet. Thanks.

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Dear Lotsofkids
I am having an almost exact replica of what you posted built by my cabinet maker -- the only difference is that I'm not doing the furniture feet. Solid wood (alder), for $1400, 72 inches. Customized to the height I want, a few extra tweeks (drawers at the bottom of the doors).

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I found this picture of two vanities side-by-side and it made me feel better about my choice to try that. I like how it looks, and it will save me a lot of money over a custom cabinet. I also like that it's a little different.

Here is a link that might be useful: Two vanities

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Lotsofkids, that extra 12" might come in handy for a trash basket or laundry hamper.

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Gosh that is also a great idea! I could do a hamper! I love ideas! Thanks!

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