rid of film on pot caused by orange peels, please?

chuehAugust 5, 2008

I got an organic remedy to rid of ants---boiling water and cooking with orange peels for 10 minutes, and pouring onto the ant mounds.

After I cooked the peels, my pot has a thick grimmy film created by the oil of the peels. I could not scrub it off at all. I keep my pots and pans always pretty clean and shinny. Now my stainless pot gets so dirty looking.. What can I use to get rid of the grime? Thanks

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I wonder if you soaked it in hot water and a few tablespoons of electric dishwashing detergent over night if it would do the trick. That stuff is really good at cleaning things.

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You can use oven cleaner on stainless pots and on glass baking dishes, just don't get any on the plastic handles and never use oven cleaner on aluminum pots.

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