Why not Cordless Hammer Drill for home improvement or building

toolfanpMarch 29, 2012

I was thinking about buying a cordless hammer drill for home improvement, but only found that it's not sold well in Europe. Seems few people buy it. Any special reasons? I'm really a green bird in home improvement. Any one can give me a suggestion?

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it takes a lot of power to power up a hammer drill.
nothing more frustrating than to be in the
middle of the job and batteries go dead.

corded hammer drill may be more difficult to
drag the cord around, but once it is set
up it isn't quitting on you until you stop it.

just my .02

best of luck.

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It depends on the project. For most home repairs, cordless tools are great. I have a Milwaukee LiOn 18V set of tools, and used them almost exclusively building a barn. With 5 batteries, I find I can pretty much work all day, even if I don't charge them until the end of the day. The Milwaukee batteries have a charge indicator to tell you how much you have left on a charge- good to know before you head up the ladder! The contractors who screwed my metal roof on all used cordless drivers.

The other day, though, I had to drill a number of holes in steel. The cordless drill just couldn't hack it, so I switched over to a 1/2" heavy-duty corded model. As I said, it depends on the project. I probably use my cordless tools 3 times more than the corded ones. I should note that the Milwaukee set is professional level; cheap cordless tools aren't much good except for really minor jobs.

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The cordless hammer drill has its own advantages and benefits. To make all types of repairs simpler and faster, a cordless hammer drill can be the best weapon in your toolbox for all your home improvement or building needs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Best Cordless Drills

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All you need most of the time is a drill, no hammer action.

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Not enough backbone for what a hammer drill is needed for. May I ask why a cordless drill is greener?

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Makita is greener (lol, in color).

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I would personally get an impact drill. If you already have that and a regular drill I would then get a hammer drill.

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