Mold deterrent product?

aok27502August 6, 2010

My elderly Dad's house has a finished basement which has had a couple of recent plumbing leaks. Through the years it also develops mold or mildew (I'm not sure of the difference) on the paneled walls.

He goes around and tries to spray with Clorox, but I need to get in there and give it a good cleaning. I am looking for something to use on walls, furniture and carpet that will be a mold deterrent. I think he has solved the plumbing issues, so hopefully if I can get it reasonably clean, it will stay that way.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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There is a product called Concrobium that is occasionally mentioned on the Home Repair forum as something that kills and encapsulates mold spores as they dry. I have no personal experience with the product, so you might want to read about it and then ask on the Home Repair forum and get some opinions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Concrobium

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Moisture is probably behind the paneling. Check it out in an area, may need to remove paneling and determine where moisture is coming from.

A dehumidifier would help.

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What Graywings said, Mold Control works the best. It captures mold spores and keeps them from spreading. As the liquid dries it crushes the spores. However, Mold Control is best used on surfaces that do not get wet often or cleaned, such as walls, sheathing, etc.

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