30 inch alcove tub

bosshoggApril 25, 2012

I'm replacing everything inside the studs of my Brooklyn condo's 5'x7' (actually measures an inch less in each dimension) bathroom. Originally this was for my use and I had most things picked out; but plans changed and now I'll be renting the place for a while, and hoping to sell in a better market a few years hence. It really needs the reno: everything's builder grade, ugly, and falling apart including some wall rot.

Current tub, probably 25 years old, is 29" wide and very shallow. I'd planned to replace it with something deeper and more bathworthy. First question: is that worthwhile for rental & resale - how many people who don't obsess over forums here care about 7" vs. 14" to overflow? Or should I just put in a Villager or Princeton? FWIW it's a large fairly unique duplex one bedroom in a hip, pretty pricey neighborhood. Likely occupants/buyers would be a youngish, fairly affluent, creative couple or individual.

Second question: what's available under 32" and say $800, that an adult might bathe in? Kohler Hourglass doesn't seem to have a tiling flange (bad idea, right?). American Standard Colony's apron looks ghastly at least online. There's some nice looking options with four digit prices, but that's not my budget. Jacuzzi Rossi looks like an option. Are there others?

I really don't think I want to go to 32" in such a small room, otherwise the Archer would seem to be a natural: it seems to offer a lot of depth & style for the $$ and would look terrific in the fairly modern apartment.


Here is a link that might be useful: Jacuzzi Rossi

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If you want to go deeper, you're going to find that as tubs get deeper they also get bit wider. I certainly haven't seen any alcove tubs that are both deep and 30" wide, and I can understand why, having nearly gotten stuck in a deep narrow old tub in Europe a few years ago. It's just a whole bunch easier to manoeuvre in a deep tub if you have those extra couple of inches. If you really can't do the extra width you're pretty much stick with a shallow tub.

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Ferguson sells the Mirabelle Edenton which comes in a Mirabelle MIREDS6030RWH "Edenton" 60" Soaking Tub
Price: $660.00 (Pricing is for White)
Details and Dimensions
Tub Installation Type 3 Wall Alcove
Overall Size 59-3/4 x 29-3/4 x 20
Length 59-3/4"
Width 29-3/4"
Depth 20"
Height to Overflow 16-1/2"

Here is a link that might be useful: Mirabelle Edenton Right Drain

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I just installed the Mirabelle Edenton 30x60x20. It's a great tub (especially for the money). I got an air bath, which you may not want and paid about $1850 delivered with the drain in white. I believe the price quoted above is about accurate for the regular tub. It also has a modern, attractive skirt and better looking acrylic than some other tubs in the price range. They are only sold at Ferguson.

The Edenton is large inside. I'm 5'11" and I can fully stretch my legs in it. There were only two other tubs that I could fit in and this one is bigger and deeper.

If you want to check it out, my remodel is linked below.

Here is a link that might be useful: If you want to see the tub in my remodel

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Thanks so much, you two, for pointing me toward the Edenton. That seems like exactly the functional-aesthetic-financial-dimensional blend I hoped the gardenwebs would deliver. And while I wasn't previously familiar with Ferguson and was prepared to discover their solitary location was in Wyoming, it looks like you can't catapult a NYC rat across the Hudson without hitting one. Yay!

And hey, heckuva job on your bathroom, Kevin - bravo.

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Have you considered the Kohler Expanse? It comes as 60" x 30" and the middle curves out slightly. The GW user, dedtired, has one and likes it. Depth to overflow is almost 13". I think it is a contemporary design and would not look like your typical builder model that you seem to be trying to get away from. Price was under $600 at faucetdirect.

Link to it on Kohler site

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The hourglass does have an integrated tiling flange and holds more water than any other alcove tub I've seen. I haven't been able to get into one to test the comfort level, but it is an option.

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I hope you don't mind if I ask a question about that Mirabelle Edenton to KevinMP. I'm also looking for a 30" tub for a small bath.

Is the end of the tub where you would lean back straight or does it slant? The thing I hate the most about my current tub is that it has a perfectly straight back which is very uncomfortable.

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It slants. Not as much as the Hydrosystems (which also has a heated backrest), but it slants plenty. That's the problem with a lot of 60" tubs, too: they either slant too much, have too much decking, or slant on both sides of the tub, cutting into leg room. This one is kind of just right, at least for me.


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KevinMP, Thanks so much. Your bathroom looks great.

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Any chance your bathroom remodel photos are still available someplace? I'd love to see them.

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