grease on carpet?

gma_jAugust 5, 2005

I had the appliance repairman come and fix my washer. I've had him there before and wasn't going to be home so left the basement door open for him. When I got home, the washer was fixed, but there were grease spots on my carpet. Ok, now I'm wondering what to do. Let him know about the grease or let it go?

On another note - how do you get grease out of carpet?

Thanks, Jeanie

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He should know about the grease on the carpet. You can tell him in a pleasant way..."I know you would want to know...blah blah blah." (I assume the grease is in an area of the house where you expected him to be. If not, that's another issue, isn't it?)

I recently had excellent success removing old tape residue from my carpet using the method recommended at the following website. (Actually I had to call them to get directions for tape, but I do see "grease" is on their list on the website, and tape was not.)

Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Carpet stain removal guide

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Thanks for the great site on stain removal. That info should help me get it out.
Also, I think I will let him know nicely about the grease. It was very obvious, but maybe men don't see the obvious like women do. lol
Thanks again

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You sound like a person who does not like confrontation (I recognize this because I'm like that!) I know you'll be very pleasant about the grease, but if it happens again to him, the next person might not be so nice!

If you are uncertain about the cleaning instructions on the website, you can call them. A very nice woman helped me, and I am so happy to have gotten the tape marks out after looking at them for nearly a year. Our painter used duct tape to tape down paper to "protect" the carpet. It left a sticky residue which collected dirt, and even the professional carpet cleaners could not get it out.

Hope you have success too. If your instructions include putting paper towels down and putting a weight on them as the last step, the lady told me this is very important, don't skip it.

Good luck.


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Hi Susan,
You are so very right - I do not like confrontation and go out of my way not to have to make any waves (sometimes I wish I weren't that way, LOL). Anyway, I waited about a week and wrote him a very nice letter (just couldn't do it any other way) and am waiting to hear back. I haven't tried to remove the grease yet as thought he may want to see it. Thanks so much for your responses. Jeanie

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