Rust stains on vinyl siding-help!

juleecatAugust 4, 2014

I left the sprinkler on near the house-first time in 12 yrs that we have lived here. We have terrible water, and now I have rust stains on the pale yellow vinyl siding. I tried the pressure washer with detergent, windex and a scrub brush, and 1/2 strength and full strength CLR. nothing is working! Please help! :)

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I would call the siding company, any siding company and ask them what they recommend. Good luck.

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Try this:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks, husband ran across that link late last night.....the Works will be our plan today....hopefully we can find it locally! Will update this post after we use it.....

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My favorite go-to is Bar Keeper's Friend. It's kind of like comet or ajax, but not as abrasive and it works on vinyl. I use it on my fiberglass kitchen sink with excellent results. I would try it on a small spot first. If it doesn't work just with a bit of elbow grease, make a paste and let it sit on it for awhile. Definitely try it on a small spot first. I've never used it on vinyl siding. I hope this helps.

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Yay! The Works did the job! The vinyl company also suggested using this product....whew! Thanks! :)

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