How often do you clean your home?

laurienceAugust 25, 2008

I am just wondering how often you clean your home and what is your cleaning schedule like. Also, if your a stay at home mom or work. Thanks..

I am a stay at home mom. I used to clean all the time however I find now that it is more important to organize and keep tidy. It gives the house a clean feel as opposed to messy. I try to clean thoroughly once a week, try is the key word


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I don't even try for once a week. Maybe once a month. I used to clean my kitchen daily, including swiffer-wet-jetting the floor. My sister (opposite of me) cleans her entire house every day. She's a SAHM.

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I straighten every few days, we have a cleaning team once every two weeks. I am a SAHCM (Stay At Home Cat Mom).

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Not nearly as much as before we got the computer. LOL

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I do it piecemeal - vacuum one day, clean bathrooms another. I don't clean on a schedule; I clean when something needs to be cleaned. Or better said, when I can't stand to see it dirty any more.

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I go through the house once a week: dust, wet mop, vaccuum, clean baths. I do all on Friday. Do laundry on Wed. and/or Thursday so that towels are clean and hampers are not full.

On Mondays, I vaccuum family room and kitchen/breakfast area since we track in dirt from all the yard work etc done on weekends. I clean sinks/toliets in 2 of 3 baths.

I am home now each day but schedule was similar when I was working. Except I had the cleaning lady come on Thursday.
I did all the other stuff after work.

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Too funny and very true.
thanks for sharing everybody..

mboston, excellent, I wish I could be that organize, I tried but I hate schedules.. lol

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I'm a bit of both, working mom and SAHM. My husband owns a restaurant so I help out there but my schedule is flexible. I'm trying to do the Flylady routines, "trying" being the key word! You basically do a little bit every day so you really never have any big jobs, like spring cleaning. It's a great concept and the more I get into it the easier it is to keep the house neat.

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I don't have a schedule. I vacuum about once a week, sweep the kitchen floor about 5 times a week. I dust when I notice it needs it. I wipe the counters everyday. I clean the toilet about once a week.

I basically maintain stuff. If something is out of place I put it away. I go through my mail when I get it, put junk mail in recyle, bills in a special drawer. I empty the dishwasher right away so new dirty dishes can go right into it and not in the sink. I never let it get bad.

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I work forty plus hours a week and my day off is wednesday. That is the day for the deep cleaning of the bathroom, kitchen floor on hands and knees, and air vents and anything else that has a bit of ickiness on it. I am pretty obsessive though. Everyday I do one to two loads of laundry so that is always caught up. I dust, vacuum, sweep and mop everyday. I have Clorox wipes to wipe down everything in the bathroom everyday so it stays clean. I can't wait until I am a SAHM and able to focus on being a full time homemaker! Just about a half hour to an hour a day and your home will be lovely!

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I recently saw on TV that most stay-at-home moms spend five and a half hours a day on housework. "Every mother is a working mother."

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snowflaker, im grinning, wait till your a SAHM i had more time to clean when i worked. im a SAHM and have a routine that keeps the house clean, but im interupted 20 times a day by the kids, so ive learned to chill out a little, as long as the house is well organized and you dont accumulate junk you should be fine

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I also hire help every other week for all the main big stuff. Then we just pick up and do the small stuff in between. Sometimes it's worth every cent to hire a housecleaner!

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I'm just a SAH... he, he. I don't have kids, I have 2 dogs & I think they may be worse! I do work part time, but mainly on Saturdays & sometimes throughout the week. My DH works construction out of state & is only home 5 days out of 15.

I have a schedule made up... I feel like I need this to keep me motivated. I tried FlyLady, but that program didn't fit my/our life. I made my first schedule up & have since revamped it, I found it didn't work for me either. My new one is working out great, except for the days my DH is home, I try to do what I can, but I feel spending time w/ him is more important than a tidy house.

With my old schedule, I would vacuum all carpets one day, sweep all hard floors one day, etc... I found that this didn't have the outcome I was expecting... I would look around the kitchen & the floor would be sparkling, but the counters were cluttered, the table needed to be wiped off, etc... So, with my new schedule, I do one room, plus other tasks, like laundry, Mon-Thur & various, less used rooms once a month on Fridays, I also run the dishwasher on Fridays. Weekends are for miscellaneous stuff that needs done & trash taken out.

I've found this schedule has each room entirely clean all at once & I don't get sidetracked by little stuff, I save the Misc. stuff for the Misc. days. This has been working well for me, I have been 95% on schedule, if I don't get something done I force myself to get that thing & tomorrow's thing(s) done tomorrow! :)

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