bluestar rnb vs rcs: cleaning the oven?

Why_not_meApril 11, 2013

One of the big differences between the Bluestar RCS and the RNB is the fancier enamel on the interior walls of the RNB oven, which is supposed to make it much easier to clean.

Has anyone actually done a CR type test, you know, splattered bacon fat and other cooking detritus around the interior of the RCS and the RNB, and then tested to see if the RNB's interior enamel really is easier to clean?

If you haven't, do you find it relatively easy (elbow grease and noxious foam from a spray can) to clean the inside of your RCS? Your RNB? What do you use? Any tricks?

Many thanks!

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I never heard that it's supposed to be easier to clean. There are many other differences - just going off the top of my head here...
a) larger burners RNB
b) rolling oven rack RNB
c) individual ignition to each top burner RNB
d) different drip tray with trays within the tray RNB
e) custom color and accent options RNB
f) the RCS 30 inch does not have the narrow center grate included that fits between the left and right side top burners.
g) They used to have different control knobs- not sure if that's still true
There may be others, like the splatter paint in the oven that you mentioned,... at one time Bluestar told me the RCS had a thinner guage stainless on the sides, but that may not be true anymore.

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Thank you for replying, alexr.

I am aware of the list of differences you posted (all mentioned on the Bluestar website), but my question is not about them, or about the 30" RCS.

My question was specifically about the double glazed stipple commercial grade enamel interior on the RNB vs the basic enamel interior on the RCS, and the ease - or not - of cleaning.

According to some, not all, Bluestar people (rep, dealer, manufacturer) I've spoken to, the RNB's interior is much easier to clean than the RCS's interior.

So, to be perhaps more specific in my question: if you own either an RNB or an RCS, how easy is it to clean the interior?

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I have an RNB, an older model without the stippled paint. I have a new RNB door with the stippled paint and there is no difference that I can detect in cleaning ease. I truly believe someone is pulling your leg. To say it is a 'big difference' has got to be a joke, or someone thinks you're terribly naive. From your original post, I thought you were trying to decide between the two models. If so, this should not be a deciding factor.

Since you've looked at the Bluestar web page and seem aware of all the other differences, you'll notice that they never mention such a claim.

I'll also note that when I ordered the new door, the folks at Bluestar asked if I wanted the stipple paint on the inside of the door or not. They told me it was only a cosmetic difference.

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Gotcher! Thanks again, Alexr.

I have it in writing (from area rep), not just a verbal claim, that the "superior" (stipple, twice-baked, etc) RNB interior is the main reason the RNB costs so much more than the RCS, and is significantly easier to clean and maintain....

.....and, I was told by a Bluestar factory person on the phone that the "superior" (stipple, twice-baked, blah, blah, blah) interior makes not a blind bit of difference when it comes to ease of cleaning.

I wish to goodness someone at Bluestar would proof-read their website and cross-reference it with their brochures (downloadable pdfs from the website), and then cross-reference those, you know, IMPORTANT DETAILS, with all their reps, dealers, etc.

If they were more accurate in their presentation in the first place, then half these questions and discussions on Gardenweb and others would not be so necessary, or so recurrent. Or so FRUSTRATING (yes, I'm speaking in a crisply raised voice at this point).

Too bad Bluestar doesn't have a spokesperson here on Gardenweb, someone along the lines of Trevor for Culinarian.

I'm more than prepared to pay a good price for an excellent range, but I swear, they - Bluestar - do NOT make it easy to like them.

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Anyone know the approximate costs (RNB vs. RCS) for the 36" model?

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