rust on driveway

candlewood_2008August 28, 2008

How to remove rust from driveway

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Try either naval jelly or muriatic acid.

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Barkeepers Friend.
Wet the spot, sprinkle heavily with barkeepers friend...let sit and rinse....repeat if necessary.
Linda C

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Whink. Squeeze enough to cover the spot & it will disappear in mere seconds, then rinse. Works on clothes, tubs. etc. too.


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If your rust stains are like mine(large patches from the sprinkler system) which is an ongoing project-use Rust Aide. I buy it by the gallon and have a liquid fertilizer sprayer that is just for rust stain removal. Like Whink, it's a contact product. If you do use a sprayer, be sure to run water through the hose and nozzle because the parts will corrode.

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This sounds silly, but try Coca-cola, you know good ole plain Coke. Pour over the stain and let sit, then use a brush to clean, then rinse. Should be beautiful! And it's cheap, too!

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