dreamgoddessJune 30, 2010

Hi everyone...it's been a while since I've checked in. I was wondering if anyone has heard from Judith or knows how to get in touch with her? I wanted to send her an e-mail, but couldn't find how to contact her on her blog.

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She sometimes posts on the Decorating Forum, but hasn't been here in awhile. And not kept up her blog. :o(

Hope you can get in touch with her.
hugs, Karen

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Hi Dreamgoddess, nice to see a post from you. We've been missing you too. Hope you are keeping busy and happy--and tell Judith we all say hello if/when you find her. ;o) Luvs

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here ya go........;o)

Here is a link that might be useful: finding judithva

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Dream, I've emailed her several times on & off for months & never get a response. I wish I would hear from her.

I do check your blog when I have time and enjoy all your beautiful tablescapes!

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She has been posting on the Home Forums/Smaller Homes. She's been remodeling! Check out her new spaces. I'll leave her a note that you are all wondering about her.

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Soinspired, thank you! I went to the Small Home Forum to
see what Judith's been doing with her remodeling. What a LONG thread on her post, which was great to me! Those folks sound wonderful over there. I might have to lurk more and read other threads now. ;o>
I have occasionally lurked on the Home Decor forum where Judith used to post and never felt quite comfortable about posting there. Tho love looking at the photos.
This Forum, and my Garden Junk one, always seemed to "fit like a comfy old robe". I occasionally browse other Forums, since I'm on the computer most all night, but I have to say, this Small Home one sure has caught my interest now, just reading the responses to Judith's post.

My gosh, no wonder she's not been here! I can't believe the work that gal is tackling all by herself. Mind-boggling!! She is as amazing with her wrecking hammer and saw as she is with her lovely decoratoring we all know and love! I can't wait to see the end result, and sure hope she can get it done before Thanksgiving so we can see her beautiful decorations again!

Anyway, thank you for locating Judith.. and for sending me to explore what looks to be an interesting Forum when I can't sleep.

hugs, Karen

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Karen: You are so welcome. I love this forum and the Small Homes forum too, as well as Garden Junk. Also, visit a few garden forums (clematis, hosta, etc.) So many wonderful people,ideas and great information.

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dreamgoddess, HI! I was on Smaller homes and "Soinspired", said I was being looked for..thankyou Soinspired :)

I have been pretty busy, I haven't even kept up with my Blog, sometimes, health, work, and just plain life issues really slow me down. But I think I am finally on the upswing again. With my home being in total disaray, I haven't had much time for playing. Plus, my yard requires alot of my attention too, so sometimes I am spread very thin.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and thinking of me, I really do appreciate it, I wish I had more time to devote to the forums, but this remodeling project really takes it out of me, and once I get on the "net" I have a hard time pulling myself away, so I force my self to "behave" by staying away from the puter therefore allowing me to get much work done at home.

Purplemoon, Gosh, I hope I am done by Thanksgiving! I do have some mini walls/columns and headers yet to build, and then drywall, so it is going to be a busy process for me. I don't do electricity, so now I have to gather up some money for that, then I can move on to the building phase of my little adventure.

Yachter, I will email you. Apparently my private email is going to the junk folder again here at work, and it "self-deletes if I don't check it often ARGHHH, they upgrade the system every month, I just can't keep up with it.

Hello to you too Luvs and Patty cakes.

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Just so glad you are feeling good again, Judith, we know you suffered, endured, and survived a couple of really difficult years with the chemo and side effects. And now I am amazed at the big project you have taken on--you go girl!

Your project would be a fantastic thing for your blog--might give much needed encouragement to other women who want to make changes in their homes even.

Glad you popped in to say hello, don't forget about your friends over here, we love to hear what you're creating too.


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Hi Judith, so glad to hear life is being a little easier on you these days, and you can put the worst behind you, but you really should be getting a little more rest instead of pounding nails, Judith! I know, I know, you just can't wait!! Where have I heard that before?LOL

I just had to be nosey and check out the 'small homes' forum, and read all 130 posts! I cannot WAIT to see your little space when it's finished!! Small spaces are usually the most welcoming and coziest of spaces.

Ditto to what Luvs said about you popping in here and not forgetting us. Like everyone else, I sure miss your beautiful tablescapes~~such wonderful eye candy makes me drool on the keyboard. Take care.....;o)

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Judith, thanks for dropping in, we miss you here. Tho now I plan to watch your demo work on Small Homes forum. Luvs is right, that would be great stuff to put on your blog.
In your spare time, LOL.

I can't believe what you are tackling alone, and what a great job you are doing. WOW. Be careful, please, and take care of yourself.
We'll see you soon with your beautiful decorating I'm sure.

hugs, Karen

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Hi Judith....(Waving wildly)

I've been MIA, also. Yard work.

Glad I stopped in and found out you were ok.

Now I've got to go check out what you've been doing.


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I popped in out of nowhere, been to busy to check forums too. And here was your name!
Saying hello from here, I am waving at you too! Glad to see you have projects to do and keep you busy, I have none and it is so much better to be too busy than not be.
Talk to you soon!
Glad you mentioned about your email at work, I had not sent one incase you didn't find it.
I have not had surgery yet, on waiting list to be scheduled.

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Hi Judith and hello Mary Ruth!! You ladies ought to join us more often, you are both so talented and we love to see what you have been doing!
Glad you are feeling better Judith and hope all goes well with you MR!
Betty it's good to see you too...we need an update from you as well!

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