Cleaning yellowed jets (covers)on acrylic whirlpool tub

bonniee818August 29, 2008

Hi everyone.....Our house is only 4 yrs. old but on one side of the tub where the sunlight hits the tub from the glassblock window the jets are yellowed - on the other side of the tub where no sun shines on them directly they are still white. It isn't real bad but we would like to find something to whiten those back up with & the product from the place we bought the tub from isn't doing the trick. My DH thinks the sunlight did it. I haven't used anything harsh on the tub so am trying to be careful & not do anything to harm it. It is the cover itself & inside the area on about 3 of them . Thanks for your help!


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It is my understanding that once the acrylic has yellowed there is nothing you can do to whiten them again.

Is it possible to get replacement parts and find a way to protect them from the sun?


" McDonagh"

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Thanks for your help, Casey! The jet covers are plastic not acrylic like the tub so we are hoping to find something. The cleaning stuff the store sold us is working some but slowly. We have a glassblock window which it is suppose to let in light to the bathroom but we may have to cover it with a shade if we keep having trouble with the jets. Thanks again for your helpful info! :)......Bonnie

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casey is right. Once the plastic has yellowed you cannot "clean" it.

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