Anyone use Scratch-B-Gone or other ss scratch remover?

boysrus2August 25, 2008

Hi, I posted this on the Appliances Forum, but thought maybe this is really a cleaning type of issue.

My Wolf range top was scratched when my hood was installed by my GC. They're not long scratches. I've got two or three very fine ones and two spots with deeper scratches that you can feel with your fingertip.

I'm bummed out as the kitchen isn't even finished yet. Maybe those scratches would have come with time anyway, but I didn't make them, so it bugs me.

I'd like to try to remove them and while searching the net saw Scratch-B-Gone. Anyone used it? If so, what was your experience?

Anyone tried anything else they could recommend?

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I have a series of fine scratches on my KA SS refrigerator. DH and friend used an appliance belt to move it and the frig slid.

I know of nothing that will remove them. I did try a little Bar Keepers Friend and it made it worse.

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