BlueStar 48' Range - Small Oven

MichelleDTApril 14, 2012

We are re-evaluating the *need* for a 60" range and now looking at the 48" range. The smaller oven does not have a window. For those that have the 48" range, does not having a window on the smaler window bother you? I am always peeking though the window.


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FWIW, lack of a window should make heating more uniform front to back since there will be more even infrared heating from the walls on all sides.

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I am sure the small oven doesn't have a light so its possible even with a window you wont be able to see anything in side that oven.

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You have given me an opportunity to suggest a radical proposal. Why not think about getting two 24" ranges instead of a 48"? The ovens are still quite large at 20" across the inside walls.

Or if you feel you need an oven that takes a full sized baking sheet, consider a 30" range with a companion range of 24". I guess that's more revolutionary since you'll now have a 54" range total. But to me it makes more sense on many levels.

They're easier to transport and move in to your kitchen. You'll have windows, broilers, convection fans,lights etc on both ovens. And side by side, it will look like one large range.

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Michelle, One of the advantages to the small oven is that it takes less time to pre-heat.
By going to a 60" range with 2 30" ovens you'll lose that benefit.
As for the window, before we reno-ed our kitchen, we lived with a 30" caloric range that didn't have an oven door window and never found it to be a problem.
While I like the window in our new BS range, it wouldn't have been a deal breaker for me if it didn't have one.

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