OT..Anyone else received Spam Email from an Old Holiday Member?

slinkeyJune 5, 2012

Just wanted to give you a 'head's up'...

I received two emails from 'Printers Devil'...

The first one I received I thought was strange, because

we haven't heard from her in years. I of course opened it, and found it to be SPAM...

Today I just received another one...so I immediately

deleted it.

I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else here.

I'm sure a virus took over Printer's Devil's

email list and sent them out.

The same thing happened to me twice - where emails were sent out

to everyone on my list, so

I had to let them all know I didn't send them.

What a pain....


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I haven't gotton any such email but it's always good to know the possibility is there.
TY for giving us the heads up on it.

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Jane, I finally got brave enough to post tonight and all seems well so far. Glad you figured out where your issues started so you don't keep opening the wrong ones.


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Didn't get one from a forum person, but one of my friends had the same thing happen to her. Her son let her know and told her what to do to fix it, but she's been busy letting her contacts know she didn't send them anything. Luvs

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Didn't get one from her, but from several others. Creepy how they do that!

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