Fisher-Paykel Dish Drawers-seeking recent reviews

nadianycApril 29, 2014

13 years ago we purchased the Fisher Paykel top loading energy efficient clothes washer and it was a disaster. Never worked well from day one: everything from error codes to extreme vibration. We finally threw in the towel and got rid of rid 4 years later. Told myself I would never buy another FP product again. Well here I am, about to embark on a major kitchen renovation and what am I interested in? The FP tall double dish drawer. Ideally, I would love to have 2 Miele or Bosch on either side of the sink but don't want to lose the cabinet space. Seeking recent reviews of the FP tall integrated double dish drawer. Thanks GW'ers.

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We have only used our DCS (Fisher-Paykel) dishwasher drawers about a week now and they are awesome! I've never seen our dishes so clean. I really like the two drawers and being able to do a quick load instead of having to wait to fill a regular dishwasher. Also really like the fact that we don't have to bend way down to empty or load. Since we got it, I've been doing all the loading and unloading as it's so easy to do, normally our children do it, lol. Very happy we have them.

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Fori is not pleased

Mine is about 2 years old so I don't know if it's recent. I did have a mainboard blow out on one which was a complimentary repair even though the warranty had expired (repair guy said something along the lines of "hey! That shouldn't break. I can't charge you for that!").

I'm sure there are better-cleaning quieter dishwashers out there, but after using the DDs, I don't care. I had one of the first models available in the US, and I'm now 3 houses and 3 DDs along. Except for that computer problem (which left me with half a functioning dishwasher which is better than a dead dishwasher), I haven't had any problems.

Tall tub is really a nice addition to the DD family. DO get that!

The bottom drawer is quite low--I don't think it's lower than the bottom of a standard DW but if that's a concern, do some in-store playloading!

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I had one of the first models available in the US, and I'm now 3 houses and 3 DDs along

Not recent experience - but I also had an earlier model and it was horrible. Didn't clean well, didn't fit a lot, non-working regularly (we had the repair man out for those machines at least once a year for 7 years, sometimes more often). Hopefully the newer models are better. Ergonomically, though, absolutely the best.

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I heard they made vast improvements since they came out almost 20 years ago, I believe. Still nervous to purchase F&P after my clothes washer issues.

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I installed F&P dish drawers in the home we built 7+ years ago and I cannot wait to replace them. They clean OK and they were OK when it was just hubby and me, but since we grew our family, the double drawers are so inefficient for us. Seems like one is constantly running. I haven't found a good way to load a considerable amount of dishes in them. Not many options on how to load the dishes, etc. But, I haven't had a single issue needing a repair person to come out.

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I've had mine for about a year, but we only started using it 5-6 months ago. Had to have the controller board replaced in one drawer -- it kept giving errors even though it was working fine. I had to reset it every few loads. The other drawer has a leak at a solenoid valve in the water softener section.

I'm not sure if the promotion is still going on, but they were giving 3 year warranty, but you need to register to get it.

Cleans well. Loading varies with the mix, and sometimes not much gets in there. We like being able to put used dishes in one drawer while the other drawer is running. Not loud like my 22 year old GE, but not quiet like my wife's Miele.

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I've had my FP dish drawers for 3 years now. I had reservations about them after reading so many bad reviews but the dealer from whom I purchased them has only FP drawers in his own home and convinced me that proper installation was the key. I've never had a problem with mine - they clean well and have never needed servicing for any problems. I'm a total convert and would replace mine with new ones when the time comes for replacing them.

I love the ease of loading and unloading the top drawer; not so much the lower one. We're a 2 person household so I run one drawer a day on the average. I prefer to wash daily since I don't rinse and barely scrape the dishes before loading. No issues with getting dishes clean. I like being able to store/leave dishes in one drawer while using the other when I'm too lazy to unload before dirtying more dishes.

Quiet, but not as silent as high end Bosch. When both drawers are washing simultaneously, the noise level is no greater with 2 running than 1. I wash my cookware by hand so I can get everything from a dinner party for 8 in two drawers without problem.

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I don't have a recent review ... my DD603 will 11 years old in August. A couple/three false alarms but have had no repairs thus far.

There have been seven engineering/series of DishDrawers if my reckoning is correct, along with an occasional intra-series minor/cycle revisioning.

Substantial design/engineering changes occurred from the 3rd (602) to 4th (603) series.

The DishDrawer platform doesn't fit all dishwashing "lifestyles" but they're quite nice when the fit is appropriate.

They can be run on a cold water connection. The main wash and final rinse are always heated to specific target temperatures per the selected cycle (except not the Rinse Only cycle).

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"They can be run on a cold water connection. "

I'm guessing the most new dishwashers can. They use so little water per cycle phase, that it might not be enough to get hot water from the heater anyway.

I don't know if the FP cycle gets longer when using cold or not (waiting for it to reach temperature). The temperature rise is pretty slow anyway. For those not familiar, you can set the drawer mode to display water temperature, rather than time remaining.

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There is no limitation or time-out on heating as with some other brands/models. DishDrawer cycle time is extended as needed to attain the target temperatures.

In my experience monitoring the temp rise on my unit, it's slightly faster than 1°F per minute.

Maximum temp reached on my DD603 is 163°F for the final rinse on the Heavy cycle (150°F for the main wash). Normal cycle is 140°F wash, 150°F rinse. IIRC, Normal Eco is 125°F wash and rinse. I don't know if current models are programmed for the same targets.

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Pallet & Palette

We put a Miele by the main sink, and the FP dishwasher drawers in the butler's pantry. Fantastic combo, and even if I were putting one on either side of the main sink I would recommend this combination.

They are both slightly louder than a nicer Bosch - we got the Miele Dimension and the FP tall double drawers - but not much louder. Having that range of options in what to load into each one, and what cycle to run makes clean up great.

Make sure your plumber loops that double drain tube thing six inches above the drain level into the disposal. That is why many people have problems - most plumbers are experts at hooking up American dishwashers but need education on the way European dishwashers are to be installed.

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Love love FP drawers and consider any other design downright uncivilized. : )

Blocking a path with a big open door, having to bend all the way down, that's grandma's d/w.

I have a set of set of two in my kitchen in my primary home for 3.5 yrs, zero problems. It does take getting used to how to load. There are some very large items it wont't make sense to put in the D/W, but to me that is true of any D/W. ANd mostly those are not every day items.

We just did a kitchen in our summer house, we put one Tall in the kitchen and one in the BP. Love them, too.

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I wanted sink-flanking drawers, but stacked them because I wanted a pull-out garbage/recycling too. Our F-P's still work fine; installed in 2001. Test your plates to make sure they fit. (Maybe F-P has enlarged the drawers?)

We've always bought all our appliances from Abt, through 50 years of marriage. They did NOT know how to properly install the drawers back in 2001, but after four tries, I contacted F-P. They arranged to replace both drawers, extended the warranty a year. No problems since then, but the wood front on one had already warped. (Remind me not to get to so 'decorator cute' with *appliances* that will eventually have to be replaced. I dread the whole fridge/freezer replacement one day.)

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Hello. I am new and this is my very first post. I want to throw a question out, but 1st give some background. I am giving my KOSHER kitchen a facelift, with new appliances, paint & some rearranging. The biggest change is adding a 3rd sink & dishwasher, to manage cooking utensils that are neither dairy nor meat (i.e., no flatware or dishes, just cutlery, cooking & serving utensils and vessels. Yes, that means three sinks and three dish washers. I can explain why I'm determined to do this in another post.

The only way I can accomplish this, without giving up too much storage space, is by installing a single FP DD under a sink in a 24" cabinet. However, I have seen posts in this forum that affirm that what I hope to achieve is doable. And I've had that confirmed by FP. But, I doubt we can do it with a tall FP DD - so sad.

My problem is that I don't know WHAT DEPTH OF SINK I can use (need to order) and WHAT TYPE OF BASE CABINET to order, so that the drawer front, which will be mounted above the DD, will have the correct dimensions. SO, does anyone know what kind of cabinet has been successfully used with the FP standard, single DD?

Note: We are in our retirement years so not doing so much entertaining anymore. Therefore, it's time to make a kitchen that works best for empty nesters.

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