Happy 4th Table

maximavswifeJune 27, 2012

The hubs and I don't do much for the 4th. We are the stay at home kinda couple anyway :-) But, with it falling mid-week this year, and we both have to work the next day, we are even less inclined to go anywhere. Not that that would stop me from decorating by any stretch LOL!


Here is a link that might be useful: Happy Independence Day!

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Fabulous Kathe!!
I love the flatware arrangement, the little stars the candles are sitting on , the blue stars on the plates and the tablecloth is wonderful.
The recycling of jars with spraypaint is neat to , something I hadn't thought about in awhile but is the perfect way to get vase colors that are hard (or impossible) to find.
Job well done!!

We're not going - out people for the 4th either. My seizure pug is so scared of fireworks that I tend to stay home and watch him instead.
This year ,it's sooooo dry that fires are going to be an enormous issue and quite frankly I dread the whole thing.
Last year a neighbors kid to my Mothers farm set some off and burned up almost 2 acres of our hay meadow. Ughhhh!

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Wow! That fabric is the perfect "understatement" for your table! Creative ideas on using the ribbon and the flat stars with the cute hats.
This table is so fun.

I don't think there are going to be any fireworks to view this year anyway, : (

It seems like the whole state is on fire. I sure hope we get some rain soon to help those overworked firefighters. We live near Rocky Mtn. Airport and the slurry bombers are taking off constantly! We went up and watched one of the C130's take off last night. It was sooo windy, that was when the wind was gusting 65 mph, I couldn't believe that it could take off, but DH says they can fly in almost any condition!

Anyway, your table is fab, I guess it is a Fab Fourth instead of a Fab Four, LOL
The buffet is the perfect complement to the table. That tray was a super find. I rarely shop at Kohl's as I think they are expensive unless it is on sale, and I never see anything priced as low as that tray!!!

Have a festive 4th!


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KATH I love your table and buffet.
They look so festive and patriotic!
The tablecloth is perfect.
I'm going back to look again to see what I missed.

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Kathe, your table is so bright and beautiful. Enjoyed seeing this and your buffet all decked out for the 4th. Those hats are darling. Love the red, wht and blue flatware on those napkins.


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WOW, maxi or I just probably start calling you Kathe (with an e) ... cause MM is MilosMom & MaximavsWife ...maybe you can be MMW then! LOL! Ahh...forget it...anyway, WOW, Kathe!

The t'cloth steals the show!!! Great find & recycle! The flag trays call to me (& still I can hear Koh's calling...I do love the place!...only sale items, tho, or coupons like candy said).

You are quite ingenious w/all the work you did for this table...the modpodge napkins on the birdhouses...cute! plus mixing RW&B flateware! Adding the ribbon to the napkins...& spray-painting recycled jars! Fantastic! Love it all! TFS! Jeanne S.
(& the pie is to die for!)

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WOW....really....WOW, Kathe. That tablecloth is incredible and lights everything up like fireworks do!
I am going to 'ditto' what the others have said, everything is just wonderful. Love that flag tray, what a bargain on it!

(Candy, I'm keeping track on CO fires daily on the news. Just horrendous devastation. And those poor firemen having to deal with such heat on top of the fire. I'm sending daily prayers for these brave souls, as well as those who've lost their homes).

hugs, Karen

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Fantastic find on that fabric, what a perfect tablecloth background for your neat dishes. Love the star pattern on those plates and I think your use of the ribbon on the napkins and mixing the silverware to get a red/white/blue set was just inspired! Very nice table.

Looked at pictures of the fires on a video from a friend. So very sad to see all those wonderful homes burned to the ground. Prayers for all those families for sure.


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You did a great job. The plates are my favorite.

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