Congoleum Floors

berkAugust 28, 2009

How do you clean your Congoleum floors? Mine looks like a wood floor and I used some sort of wax on it and now what a mess I have! It is all streaked and awful looking now. I have bought some Bright & Easy stripper and cleaner and waiting on the polish to come in that I have ordered to re-do my whole floor with. Has anyone stripped theirs and re done it? If so please tell me how it went and how it looks now.


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I used Holloway House Professional concentrated wax remover & Super Cleaner- it didn't have any ammonia- important to me as I have had "chemical pneumonia" & nearly died. This was several years back when I got my dad & I was going to get some new Congoleum for the bathroom. Ha!! It was $50. a square ft. So I got that cleaner & cleaned the old wax off, it wasn't hard to do & just used Brite on it, I find with Brite I don't have to strip it hardly at all. It doesn't yellow. Don't know if the company is still in business or not. Also with all the "green" laws & changes the formulas on most products are changing so might not work as well as before. Open a window or run a fan when using any of this type product (or oven cleaner) as it can really affect the lungs! Oh, both bathrooms have Congoleum & both still look great, no nicks or anything they were made to last!! 1 looks like stones in light cream with slight greenish cast other is beige white,don't know how to describe.Both pieces were leftover from homes where dad installed it & people did not want to keep leftovers, salesman had really over estimated but they allowed employees to take home these pieces, it's all 1 piece no seams. We had new home & no money & cheap 12in. tile, builder wanted to install, dad flashcoved it so if toilet runs over it won't ruin the walls before you can get it mopped up. Good Luck!

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