zep wet look finish

huskAugust 27, 2012

We also have the ubiquitous film on our hardwood floor...have tried Bona cleaner, Zep hardwood cleaner, and one other.......all do a little bit, but not enough...

Has anyone tried Zep Wet Look finish?

It is a 4 step coating process.......and yes, it will for better or worse change the original finish from the manufacturer.........well, it's terrible anyway..so I can't imagine it being worse.....

We like the shiny look that brings out the beautiful grain of our Brazilian Cherry floor...what is the best way to get a wet, shiny, finish that will hold the shine? If not Zep, then what? thanks so much..

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I believe that the surface is dull and looks filmy because of damage to the top layer(s) of the manufactured finish...

I have come to the conclusion that any effect of the cleaners I use will be only to clean present dirt on the surface, but will do nothing to repair the damaged finish..

I know that there are all sorts of ideas discouraging the use of a wax or similar product that will give a shiny surface...but ours is damaged to much to have any hope of improvement to a shiny look, without the use of some material that will give a buildup over time.....

There is a product that I will try next...Pledge Future finish....it has good reviews, and can be removed rather easily, say on an annual basis......I will try Future in an out of way place first..anyone have a comment on Future?

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Wow!...we cleaned the floor using some of Bona, and some of Zep cleaner...then after that dried, we applied a coat of Pledge Future finish.....it gives a clean, glistening look to our hardwood floor that brings out the beautiful grain of the wood......

This is an absolute winner for us....we think, based on other peoples experience, that the floor be cleaned and refinished on a yearly basis......it could not be worse than what we have put up with...

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