Greatest TP holder EVER!

carsonheimApril 4, 2014


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That would go well with the king's 'throne'.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Lead Guitar of Slayer's house is for sale on my road. That whole place is goth! This would suit it, but that place will be a hard sell. Really..... Goth!

Here is a link that might be useful: Slayer's House For Sale

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Goth? Not really, just a few silly things that could easily be changed. Pool, well it didn't really look Goth to me, more like theme park-ish. Not a bad looking house and I'm extremely conservative. I'd buy it if I was in the market and was loaded. If the house is very goth, they don't have it in the photos on the link.

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DD, I live in the wrong part of the world! (Not really, love the PNW) Compared to here, that's an awful lot of house and property for that price! LOL

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LOL, I immediately thought of that, too, DreamingoftheUP.

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Lol all of you!

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Ah, but it helps to know where Hemet is. Hemet is in the high desert in the middle of pretty much nowhere. Your neighbors down the hill would be mostly retired folks in variations of trailers, mobile homes, etc. There are a lot of "retirement facilities" there. Then there are the neighbors who came to get away from it all so they could cook meth undisturbed. A while back some motorcycle gang was setting booby traps for local law enforcement and fire fighters. That sort of thing kinda keeps the property values down.

Love the TP holder!

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Thanks Suzanne, I love watching House Hunters, etc. and sometimes I'm blown away by the prices, both low and high of different areas... you never know do you...?

If it sounds too good to be true... LOL

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