fungus or mildew or mold on vinyl siding

TJG911August 3, 2009

the north side of my house has an ell and the siding in that section is dark greenish from mold or mildew or fungus. it's been like this for 2 years. the vinyl was installed in 1999.

can i wash the vinyl siding with a solution of 1 part white vinegar 3 parts water to clean it? i suspect a product called TSP would work (?) but vinegar is very inexpensive.

is there a simple household product that works other than vinegar?

i have grass growing up to the foundation so whatever i use i do not want it to harm the grass or change the color of the siding (it's light grey).



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Vinegar won't do it, instead use a mixture of water, bleach and some clothes washing detergent sprayed on with a hand pump sprayer (about $12), leave it on for a few minutes, then scrub with a brush on a long pole, and rinse well with water.

I would mix 3 quarts warm to hot water, 1 quart bleach, and maybe 1/3 cup Tide or whatever clothing detergent you use. You can cover the grass with plastic if you want, but I don't and have never had a problem.

This solution won't change the color of the siding, but if the mold is as bad as it sounds, you may already have some permanent discoloration. You will need a ladder because the hand sprayer doesn't shoot the solution very far.

Adding 2/3 cup of TSP to the above solution would also help. This solution is still a lot cheaper than the ready made stuff you buy in a hardware store.

At a minimum, water and bleach will work.

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thanks. i was afraid to use bleach cuz i thought it would change the color of the siding and kill the grass. i'll try a small spot and see how it works.


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Try a broom, Tide laundry soap (maybe Tide with color safe bleach) and a hose. I use it to clean the driveway and it works well and is cost effective.

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couldntyou use power washer?

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Using a power washer on siding is dicey- it is much too easy for an inexperienced operator to get water under the siding.

I have a vinyl siding home and every spring we wash the house with a brush and a bucket of water, dish soap, and a tad bit of bleach. We wash the north side more often, usually again in the fall before the holidays. We just did it this past week.
Do it more often and it is much easier to keep nice looking.

Any of the big box stores sell products made for this application that include an algicide- they would work great as well.

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Do not use a power washing. It can drive water under the siding and cause a major mold problem. Call the siding company for help.

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I used one of those pump sprayers with bleach (maybe 50/50 with water). Have an area over a window that I just couldn't reach... still kinda nasty.

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