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SparklingWaterApril 1, 2012

Hello all. I am starting our kitchen upgrade by determination of appliances first. That is key as I tweak the current kitchen design by opening up a tall double oven space on a corner that smacks you visually and physically, replacing it plus a gas cooktop with a 36" dual fuel range where the cooktop sits.

I am studying ventilation systems to aid this exchange. It looks like I will place a new 10" external squirrel cage centrifugal fan/blower system with back-flow fire damper and perhaps silencer in the attic/on the roof, keep the current two floor ducting, replace the current short side 32" and long side 52" galvanized ducting immediately above our old 42" vent hood (17" on the diagonal) with new galvanized stainless and update electricals from an infinite turn on switch to which ever matches the yet unchosen hood. All of this will cost a goodly amount, with labor probably at least 5K. Our old system 10" external fan/blower draws well. Rated at 960 cfms, lessoned by the turns in the ductwork, yet in our many years, never a problem with lack of draw or MUA (make up air) lack as we do not have a tight house. The problem is the infinite switch as I understand it. No longer common, but I will research that.

So, to stay in budget, what 36" dual fuel range, right to left swing 36" counter depth refrigerator (actually have about 6" more in the back space for it's venting) and 24" dishwasher do you recommend in upper mid price range which still delivers quality and warranty? I don't believe we need 22 BTU burners. I'd love to buy "Made in America" and keep it local, but realize this may not be compatible with my question and rightful needs in such an upgrade. Excluding ventilation, our appliance budget is about ~12k, +/-2k.

I know I want a Miele or Bausch dishwasher as I've disliked our KA due to noise for years, yet don't know a good model. My big change is from a Decor cooktop which has worked well and two very old, warn out Thermidor double ovens. Our KA side by side has been fair in performance and durability (a lot of plastic).

Green appliances defined as solid working and long lasting, in mid range budget. Is this even possible-built to last a decade with minimal servicing (baring a lemon), even cooking and refrigerating/freezing (in spite of only one compressor), and a great washing/quiet dishwasher?

Help me buy upper mid-range stainless appliances and stay in budget. Thank you in advance and please feel free to answer forthrightly.

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Hello, I'll chime in on the Miele dishwasher...of the Futura series (newest), the Dimension seems to be the best bang for buck with features in terms of cost. The Classic is the entry level nd the Diamond I believe is the most expensive. We have two, a Dimension as our primary and a Classic for overflow. Love the both! Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: miele dishwashers

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Thanks, clarygrace.I've been reading your informative and funny posts. Hope your kitchen is coming along nicely.

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Have been reading up on German-engineered Bosch Dual Fuel Ranges, as on Chef Talk two chefs highlighted their build and amenities. I read here that the reach back to the controls are a drawback. Will search GWK forum for input.

American Range comes up too. When I go to their 36" dual fuel range spec link, nothing comes up. Wonder what's up with that.

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