Good outdoor grill?

jgoppApril 2, 2012

I know this might not be the best place maybe to post this but it is kind of relevant. I have an old webber which is on its last legs and I am looking to replace it for the season. Problem is every time I look at grills in the store they are all "cheap" feeling, made in China, and feel like they might blow over in the first windstorm. My webber now is pretty solid and heavy which is what I like.

Anyone have a good recommendation for a mass produced grill with good build quality and features? I know Kalamazoo grills makes some mean machines but I'm not looking to spend 5,000 on an outdoor grill.

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What I am buying as soon as they are in stock at Costco (hopefully this weekend)is a Vision Kamado Grill.
It is basically just like a Big Green Egg, in some ways even a bit better.
The thickness of the ceramic is a bit thicker than a BGE.
It comes with everything you need such as the "nest" the side boards, pizza stone, cover, double racks whereas the BGE comes with nada, you have to add it to the price.
A BGE of this size and all the attachments would be about $1200.
At Costco they are selling the Vision Grill for $570 and it comes with a Lifetime warranty.
Can be used as a Grill obviously, but also a regular smoker and water smoker, an oven and cooks Pizzas great.
It can dialed in temp wise from 200 up to over 800 with ease and will hold a 225 degree slow smoke temp for well over 24 hours on one small load of charcoal.
It will also be ready from the time you light the charcoal to between 600-700 degrees in about 5 minutes which is basically the same as a gas grill, except the gas grill wont get that hot unless its "true infrared".

This is what it looks like.

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