I love this Miele Carina!

bayareafrancyAugust 3, 2008

Yowza, what sucking power! I love it!

We have mostly hardwood with a few low pile area rugs. The Carina combo tool does a great job on our berber style area rugs (with the suction power turned up). I couldn't believe how much gunk was in the bag after going over the rugs!

I have one plush style area rug, and the combo tool on the rug setting doesn't do as well here. It seems to glide over the plush carpet too much. But if I switch to the floor setting (with the bristles) then it does a fantastic job on the plush rug too. Only downside is that the bristles get all clogged up with fuzz.

Oh--no pets here. Just 2 messy boys, and an old, very dusty house. And we live in California, so the windows are usually open (with no screens on them) so we really accumulate a lot of dust.

So if your circumstances are similar to mine, the Carina is a great vacuum!

I've been wanting a Miele vacuum for about a decade now. I can't believe TheHusband finally agreed! I'm so psyched to finally have one. Now, we'll see if it lasts 10-15 years...

Good luck to my fellow canister hunters! I'm off to vacuum the house!

Thank you to those who offered me advice on this important purchase.



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It may well be the last vacuum you ever need to buy. Enjoy the boost you get from having really good equipment!

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