Sears brand HE laundry detergent

alohamillion123August 21, 2008

I have been using TIDE HE but my oldest has started to get a bit of a rash from it. I am wondering what the quality is of the SEARS brand HE detergent that they sell for appx $19.99 in the pails. I seldom shop at Sears bc it is a far drive so thought I would check opinions here before making a special trip to try a pail of it.

Thanks in advance.


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It's excellent - I've used several different "flavors" - all are good in my opinion. It's often on sale - I've never paid full price. I have soft water so use half a scoop per load - a pail lasts many months.

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Stacey, I've been using the Sears HE stainfighting formula since I bought my TL HE washer, and I really like it. I plan to buy the oxiclean formula too.

It might be cheaper for you to purchase it online instead of driving to a store. Just a thought.

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thanks for the recommendations!

I need to venture over to Penney's soon, which is nearby our Sears, so I will get a pail to try. Let's hope it is on sale then too...wouldn't that be great =)


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I've been using Sears Ultra Stain Fighting formula for about 6 months now when I got a FL. I can remember my Mom using this 35-40 years ago and she swore by it then and I do too. There's a clean fresh smell, no heavy perfume which is what I like too. It cleans great, very rare do I have a stain that doesn't come out. I paid $14.99 on sale for my bucket of 275 washes and like Gibby I, too, have soft water and I only use 1/2 of the provided scoop which equals out to 2 tablespoons.

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I don't live that far from a Sears store but it's off in a direction I rarely go. When my bucket starts getting down there I start checking to see what the price is and watch for it to be on sale - then I take a run over there to pick some up. I originally bought the unscented because I was so sick of the overly perfuming regular detergent I'd had in the past. After that I bought other types and I too noticed they are all very lightly scented so I usually just buy what's on sale. I know I've had the unscented, the oxyclean and the stuff with fabric softener for winter when it's dryer.

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If you look on the Laundry Room forum, there's alot of people who use and like the Sears detergent. Did you know that Huish manufactures this detergent along with store brand names as in Walgreens, Walmart, Costco just to name a few? I'm really wanting to try the Sears detergent with the fabric softener but didn't want to buy the bucket just yet. I still have ALOT left from the first one. I think I'll try to get in touch with Sears and see if I can get a sample mailed to me.

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For those who live far from a 'regular' Sears store - did you know there are independent Sears stores in many towns? They usually mainly stock appliances and other things, and they do carry Sears laundry detergent (mine had all the different formulas the last time I was there). The one in my town saves me a longer drive to the next closest Sears store at a mall, and I love the convenience of being able to buy detergent there.

I've noticed just recently that I can't bring up the Stain-Fighting formula at Sears' website, and I wonder if they plan to discontinue that formula? I certainly hope not! If they do, I'm definitely going to stock up on it, and may have to do that at my neighborhood independent dealer.

If someone sees the Sears Stain-Fighting formula at Sears' website, PLEASE post that info here. Thanks!

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Huish does not make Sears detergent. I believe it's made by a company called DeSoto, but information on the company is scarce. Excellent detergent, though. I use the OxiClean version and am very pleased with it.

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I like the oxy formula also.

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we have been using Tide HE detergent for the last year and all of a sudden we noticed our washing machine smells like sewage. after my dh did some research he found out that they have a small amount of soap ad then add fillers and that is what makes HE washers smell. Has anyone else had that problem? We are looking to try a new one and I guess we'll try sears band.

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I use Charlies Soap in my FL machine. If she is deveoping a rash maybe you should try this. There is no smell to it at all.

I use the powder and had always used a liquid in the past.

Here is a link that might be useful: soap

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