Cleaning a 'crushed granite' sink

conniertreeAugust 16, 2008

I have a "crushed" or "composite" granite sink. It looks whitish and dull. During the remodel of my kitchen the workers put lots of "stuff" in there. What's the best way to get my sink back to its clean black look?

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I have the Blanco Silgranite sink in anthracite which is black. I wash the sink throughly, dry and then apply mineral oil to it. I then wipe that off with a microfiber towel and it stays black for 2-3 months. I have really hard water so when it does turn gray I oil it. By wiping it down with the microfiber cloth there is NO greasy oily feeling to it.

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Good Luck!! I regret buying my Silgranit because of the problems cleaning it. Mine is white. I swear it absorbs stains. Anyway, I've used many things, BarKeepers friend, Ajax etc. You might try a light spraying with pure bleach I've done that to get a rust stain out that a plastic coated grate left behind when it failed and that STILL didn't get the rust stain out. I'm told that Blanco, the manuf puts out a cleaner but I haven't contacted them yet or tracked it down since I don't have a lot of confidence that they have anything stronger that would actually work.

Can you let us know if you come across anything that works?

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I use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, works great.

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I have this exact sink. I love the farm style, it is roomy and deep. Though I do have hard water, and find my sink with a white film on it. I have also tried the mineral oil, but I am afraid of making a build up.

I will try the magic erasers, but am afraid of using them on many surfaces because they take the sheen off.

I might call Blanco and have them send me some of their cleaner. Or, better yet, the guy who installed my counter tops, who talked me into this sink, maybe if I call him and invite him out to scrub it, he won't be so pushy with a product next time.

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Last time I Magic Erasered my sink I followed up with Sprayway Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish, because it contains oil. My sink looked fantastic after that.

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