2nd hand dresser

suggiAugust 4, 2008

I badly needed and could not afford a dresser in my bedroom and a friend of a friend wanted to get rid of one so I took it. It is in pretty good condition (a bit dirty) and I wanted to clean it out before putting my clothes in it. I took out the drawers and used a weak bleach solution inside and in and around all of the drawers and then used diswashing soap in water and then rinsed it and tried to dry everything the best I could with paper towels. I left the drawers out for about an hour or so and they seemed dry and then put them back in but left them partly open for about 4 hours. 3 levels of drawers and each portion has a bottom to it instead of just a hole where the drawer slides in.

Just wanted to make sure I did the right thing and let it dry long enough as I don't want mold to grow in there now. How long before I can start putting clothes in the dresser?

Thanks for your help.

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If the wood feels dry, then it probably is. If you are at all concerned, remove the drawers and try to get some sun and air on them for a day.

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