How do you change suction setting on Miele Twist vacuum?

gdnewAugust 1, 2012

Hello, I just bought a new Miele Twist and I can't figure out how to change the suction power. The Twist comes with a rotary dial that is supposed to take care of that function but mine doesn't do anything. There is no discernalbe 'click' or transition between any of the dial's four settings and the suction power remains the same. Thinking that the vacuum was defective I had a replacement sent but same problem with the replacement.

The online vendor I purchased the vacuum from has a solid reputation so I have to assume that this quirk has to do with the vacuum's design. I've also seen many video reviews of this vacuum and interesting to note is that none of them showed the actual functionality of the rotary dial. I'm hoping someone on here who has experience with this vacuum can tell me if there might be a specific way I need to use the dial because I couldn't find anything in the manual. Or maybe you can let me know if there really no function to the dial and it's just there to look pretty. This is the only forum I could find that was discussing similar products and Miele's email seems to be down so hopefully you guys can help me before I have deal with customer service on the phone. Thanks!

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Plug the vacuum cleaner in and set the dial selector to one side or the other. "Curtins" or "Smooth"? Remove the hose from the wand. Turn the vacuum cleaner on and listen to the sound of the vacuum cleaner. Feel the suction from the hose. As you are doing this, slowly turn the dial to the other side. You should notice a change in the noise volume and the feel from the suction in the hose. Continue doing this, so you can understand the sound and feel.

If you have done this and still no variation, then the vacuum is broken.

The instructions do tell the owner to turn the "suction power selector to the desired setting."

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Yeah, unfortunately the vacuum does seem to be broken. I'll have to call customer service about getting another replacement. Thank you for your help.

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" ... The online vendor [with a] solid reputation."'

Tell us more.

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Haha, yeah I know. In any case they made returning the vacuum and getting a new one very easy and didn't charge me for return shipping. I still think this is a manufacturing problem because I don't see what a retailer could do to break the rotary dial, but they definitely should have made sure the vacuum was working before shipping out.

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