Soap scum!!!!!

snowflakeloverAugust 21, 2008

Grr! I have tried literally everything I have heard and know and read to get rid of the nasty LAYERS of soap scum on my shower doors! When my husband and I first moved into our apartment, I figured, "Oh, I can get that soap scum off no problem!" I am now eating my words! I have tried, baking soda, baking soda and bleach(which worked wonders on the mildew in the grout), magic erasers, dandruff shampoo, scrub brushes and tilex mildew remover, even wet sand! My shower doors are the textured glass. My sister-in-law lived in the apartment a year before us and for two years. She said the soap scum was really bad when she lived here. I am just so frustrated! HELP!!! :S

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well, I am not sure if my ideas will help as I always thought TILEX would take anything off!!!

I have good luck w/ Scrubbing Bubbles cleaner. I also use applecider vinegar- either lightly pouring on or spritzing. This is especially good for chrome items since it does not seem to harm the finish like some chemicals can.

Good luck!

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Angerman Hardwoods

Believe it or not, found the help here from someone else and it worked! fabric softener sheets do wonder and doesnt have to be expensive name brand (im using sam's club brand)! i use about 3 sheets, get them wet and wash away all the scums but does not remove hard water spots. it will dry up so use wet cloth and wipe it off. ;)

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Have you tried good old-fashioned Comet (t contains bleach)? To be most effective, I would make sure the surfaces were good and wet (like after a shower), then sprinkle it wherever the scum is, let it soak at least an half-hour (maybe a whole hour), then scrub it good with a scrub brush dipped in HOT water.

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If and when you get the soap scum removed don't let it happen again.

My favorite is to get a fine washable fabric shower curtain and hang it inside the glass door.

Others recommend using only liquid soap.

Some auto cleaning products are good too. Indeed they might even have something at the auto parts store to remove the scum and prevent it from rebuilding on the glass. DON'T GET THESE ON THE FLOOR OF THE SHOWER.

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I've had good luck with the Magic Erasers for my occasional bout of soap scum (much fewer, now that we've switched to liquid soap), but you said that didn't work for you.

Soap scum is often caused (or worsened) by hard water, so you may want to take that into consideration long-term.

In the meantime, I would try ammonia. If that doesn't work, try vinegar. (Don't mix the two/apply at the same time - the idea is that they have different pHs and will therefore dissolve different "stuff". Mixing them will cancel out those effects)

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Mixing them creates poisonous fumes!

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C L R is a product that can be purchased in hardware stores and some big box home centers. It comes in a grey plastic oddly shaped container. It has directions on it for dilution amounts. I put it into a spray bottle with a fraction more product than the standard dilution rate. Spray thickly on the doors, and let sit for 30 minutes or so. Wash off, and I use a little vinegar in water to rinse and neutralize. It doesn't hurt anything and is not poisonous unless you drink it. If you have doors that are really etched with scum, take them off and lay them flat if possible. Soak rags in your CLR solution and let them lie on the glass for an hour or so, and then rinse and buff.

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Everyone, thank you for your ideas! I tried the vinegar and all that stuff and it would take off a bit of it, but just wouldn't get it all off. I don't know why no one cleaned it before we moved in!!! But then my mom introduced me to the wonders of 'Kaboom'. That stuff comes in a purple bottle and is now my best friend(in cleaning that is;))! Plus, it actually has a fairly pleasant fruity clean smell. I worked wonders on absolutely everything in the bathroom. I am now addicted

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snowflakelover, I've heard good things about Kaboom. Now that I've read your report, I'll have to try it. :-)

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It could be that your shower doors have actually become etched with hard water. In which case nothing will help. At least nothing that I know of, since there is nothing to actually remove from the doors - the problem is in the glass. The way I solved this problem was by installing new doors and using a squeegee on them every day.

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Kaboom is the answer, I love the stuff.

One thing that will help keep the scum at bay, try some auto wax, it does not have to be expensive, just whatever you may have, or can get at the dollar store. Apply the wax to the newly cleaned shower glass, buff, and the water will bead off.

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Most any bathroom cleaner made for removing soap scum should work. Use a brush too.

Are you sure your doors are not the frosted glass type?

I had a friend who had a new home built. They complained that the tub had had a large paper label in the bottom of it that they peeled off and the glue would just not come off. They tried everything. Goo Gone, Comet, acetone, ect. When I saw it, I pointed out that that was not glue stuck to the bottom but was a non-skid surface applied in pattern in the bottom of the tub. They had never heard of such a thing.

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Well, MagicErasers used to work, but now they don't. I think they changed them. Figures - I find something I like that works great, and they stop making them.

MagicErasers don't hardly work at all for me anymore.

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Phobie Privett

Had the same problem and someone here recommended using SEVERAL wet sheets of fabric softener. I used them to wipe down the doors while in the shower and they worked wonders. I had to use about 10 of them to do the job.

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First of all I want to thank everyone for your help! I finally got all the soap scum off the glass doors with Kaboom. I will swear by the stuff! And thanks to Albert 135, I will never get it back on there. I put a shower curtain on the inside of the glass doors and now I only have to clean once a week to two weeks. It's WONDERFUL considering I work 40+ hours a week! Oh, and by the way, (This is to dilly dally) NO they are NOT frosted glass. I'm not plain stupid, thanks...

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Can you get Kaboom in the store or can it only be ordered online?

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I also like Home depot's cleaner. It is called ZEP. It gives a lot of fumes, but seems way more powerful than Tilex or scrubbing bubbles and stuff. My friend loves X-14, but she cleans her showers more often than I do. I may try this Kaboom stuff some time too, but for now the ZEP seems to keep things clean.

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you can buy kaboom at the grocery store . It is a purple and bright green spray bottle.

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Walmart carries Kaboom. I like to use the fluffy body scrubbies to clean my shower door. I spray Kaboom, then spread it over the glass with the scrubbie and leave it. When I go back later in the day for a shower, I spray again, scrub and it all comes off.

The car wax works wonders, also if you use it on new shower tile, the water beads up and with a squeegee you can keep it nice and new looking for a very long time.

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No, but you are plain rude. DD's observation was a good one and one I was going to post had she not.

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