Uses of peanut butter in cleaning.

albert_135August 20, 2010

This old blog: Top 10 Unusual Uses For Peanut Butter suggests uses for peanut butter in cleaning. Removing labels and gum, cleaning leather and one about fish smell which I don't even understand. Have you heard of any of these?

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Some Of these I would never try--like cleaning leather furniture. Can you imagine sitting on a spot you missed in the buffing process.

Plain cooking oil removes glue from labels as will most oily substances.

boiling Vanilla or cinnamon or lemon slices in water will remove those smells as well and make the house smell good.

I do sypport that it works great in mousetraps. Better than cheese.

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Shaving cream substitute.. hmmm
should i ..

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Sounds kinda weird. I'll stick to eating peanut butter.

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