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PurplemoonJune 10, 2011

Do any of you collect/decorate with hunt items? If so, would you email me? sangareeKS at aol.

I can't be the only horse lover on this Forum, LOL. Tho actually hunt scenes with the riders, horses, foxhounds appeal to so many people just because they are really pretty. I have always had to "sit on my hands" to not buy the pretty plates and dishes with hunt scenes at the antique mall. I love them, but I can't collect everything I love. Tho sometimes I feel like I still manage to do that with all the collections I have going. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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Karen, I don't collect any of them, but I can remember when I really wanted to decorate DH's office/computer room with those deep greens and burgandy colors. Maybe a plaid wallpaper and one of the hunt scene borders. Never actually made it happen but I did have some clippings I drooled over for awhile. Luvs

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