What kind of tub do you have?

linnybinnyApril 6, 2012

What kind of tub do you have and why, and are you glad you chose it? Looking for acrylic vs cast iron and porcelain, rectangular vs oval, standard vs soaking depth, and what brand. I'm leaning towards Kohler's lines, but not sure what to do just yet. Thanks for the help!

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Cast iron (Toto).
Love it, we put in two of them. No flexing, very, very, solid and sturdy and very good heat retention.

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I have Kohler's Mariposa tub. I have the 5 1/2 ft. whirlpool version but it comes as just a soaking tub too. It is a very comfortable tub and even has place to rest your arms on when you recline in it. Go to a show room and try some out. It's amazing how uncomfortable some tubs are.

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Badgergal, do you like the whirlpool action of your 5.5' Mariposa? Do you feel it is deep enough? It's one of the ones I am considering. I thought the soaking version I tried out in the showroom seemed quite comfortable, but I thought it might be too shallow. I am 5' 7", my husband doesn't take baths, and I thought the 5.5' version was long enough. Would you choose yours again?

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I do like the whirlpool on my tub but the only thing I have to compare it to was my previous supersized tub that I felt guilty filling up because it used so much water. On this tub you can adjust the direction and force of the spray. It does not have back jets though if that is important to you.
I am only 5'4 so my tub is perfect for my height and since I can almost fully recline I find it deep enough. They do make a 6' version of the tub. Maybe that would be better for your height. I think on the 6' version you get one additional jet.

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I actually am thinking about the Mariposa tub now, after reading and reading and READING about bathtubs, lol! I would just get the 5ft soaking tub though, since this isn't our "forever" house. I am a little nervous about the acrylic, with it's plasticy feel and all, but I found a great deal on it at HD, believe it or not, so I might just go for it!

I read a lot about cast iron holding the heat so great, but I have to say, when one is sitting directly on a slab, it gets cold fast in the winter! I'm actually hoping acrylic is better for that!

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Cast iron Porcher -- I think it is called Ardennes. It was a rather small tub, just what we needed to fit into our space. I really wanted cast iron and needed a tub that was small -- this was perfect. I like it very much. I is built in and we put some insulation under it. I think it holds the heat quite well.

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I have a 5 foot Jacuzzi whirlpool. I love it and it is the perfect size for me. It feels very roomy to me.

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We put the 5 1/2' Kohler Mariposa (soaking only, no jets) in my parents new build. So far they are very pleased.

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Kohler Expanse. I have a shower/tub combo and I wanted more area to stand in while showering. It is great for this purpose and also does not bend lie some other Kohler tubs. My neighbor has a Devonshire and I could squeeze the side and it bent a little.

My back hurts today and I wish I had a jetted tub, but I rarely take baths. The Expanse is so large I can float in it (with knees bent).

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By far my favorite tub that I have ever had is my Jason International Air Masseur. It has 80 or so holes around the bottom and is like a bath in champagne bubbles. I had the 5 1/2 foot version and I am 5'4" and fit with room to spare. I prefer that to jets in a regular size bath tub, the jets are too close to the body for me.

But I left my bubble tub in my last house. I just put a Kohler Archer in my new house. It was all I had room and budget for. I like it, at only 5' it has nice depth and fits my smaller size.

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Dedtired - How long have you have the Expanse - and are you happy with your choice? We're considering that for one bath - tub/shower.

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Anajane I've had it for about 1.5 years and I am very happy with it. I couldn't fit a shower stall in my space and this tub gives me plenty of space for showering.

Be sure the plumber knows that the tub has an arched side so they accommodate that when installing the fixtures. You also cannot have a glass shower door, you must have a curtain. I prefer a curtain, it's easier to keep clean.

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Thank you, dedtired.... It was seeing your pic last year that helped me to pick that tub for our remodel - and I'm glad this chance came up to see how you felt about it after you had a chance to 'live' with it ~~ :)
I plan on going with shower curtain / curved rod.

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Can you post pictures of your Expanse? And, did you choose the 32" or 30" wide expanse? Wondering if the 30" expanse feels cramped when showering (at the drain end).

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i am a brand new member. i have ben reading this forum 4 about 3 weeks and am very grateful 4 all the opinions and information shared. I am in the process of building a BR and the tub is most important to me. after reading some posts from 07,8,&9, i have researched maax, bain ultra, toto and others. from reading i decided on air because i want to use additives and also need the massage for a chronic neck and back condition. i am leaning towards the bain essencia but i also am staggered by the price. i prefer the size , 6838 not too big. and the warranty (20 yrs). does anyone no the warranty on the maax? also i read about someone purchasing the atlantispa and was wondering about the price of that. hope i have not rambled too much. love this forum and look forward to all i am going to learn:)

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Freebird, I think you'll get more answers if you start your own thread with the brand names in the thread title.

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