Bosch, KitchenAid, Electrolux or (?) wall oven

Ntr8April 2, 2014

My wife and I beginning the process of updating our 1993 kitchen with original wall oven and microwave. We very recently purchased a KitchenAid gas cooktop floor model (KFGU706VSS) at a really great price from a store closing sale. Seemed to get very good reviews and we like the 5 burners and looks of it.

We also have a 27" KA wall oven with microwave trim kit combo that we would like to replace at the same time and had originally thought to go with KA ovens as it would "match" the cooktop and the original reviews I found online were good. However, after looking further I found lots of complaints about the self clean blowout problem and complaints of fan noise. The couple of appliance dealers I talked to seemed to think these problems must be isolated and they sell a lot of them with no complaints from users. Has KA updated their ovens to resolve the self clean issue and reduce fan noise?

Based on those issues I have expanded our search and am including Electrolux and Bosch as well. Budget wise, I would prefer not to move into the Wolf/Thermador/Viking echelon.

In the Bosch world I am looking at the 500 or 800 series 27" single wall oven and adding the matching 27" speed oven (HMC87151U) for our microwave needs. The oven units seem to be well liked from what I can tell, but can't find much on the microwave.

For Electrolux I am considering the 27" wall oven & micro/convection oven combo (EW27MC65JS). I have read that many people stay away from the combos so if the microwave dies you don't have to replace the whole unit. That makes a lot of sense, but the integrated control panel and seamless appearance are attractive. In the case of Electrolux, they don't offer a 27" micro/convection built in that is part of the combo so I don't think I have a choice unless I wanted to mix brands, which I don't.

In the KA realm, looking at KEMS379BSS for the combo or KEBS179BSS plus KBHS179BSS.

If anyone has any direct knowledge of any of those models, I would welcome hearing your thoughts. Otherwise general comments on the latest offerings of the same generation in different size, etc. would be much appreciated as well. Lastly, if there are any other brands in the ballpark I should look at I am open, but want to purchase within the next few weeks.

Other comments on thoughts of the oven/microwave combo (also a bit cheaper) vs. separates and if I should avoid KA wall ovens also welcome.

Thanks for the time and help!

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I have no experience with the brands you are considering but I have read several times here that you should stay away from microwave/oven combos. Also double ovens. They share the problem that individual units usually can't be replaced after a year or so because of model changes. Repairs may be more costly too. We have a microwave/oven combo. and when the microwave failed we had to pay a large sum to have it repaired because it couldn't be replaced. If I had to repurchase a new combo. the cost is much higher too. Do you know what features you are looking for in an oven? Check the ones you are thinking about and be sure they are a match for your wants, especially if you want the features of the up-scale models.

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This seems to be a forum of Electrolux lovers, so will predict you'll get lots of positive reviews there, but not something I have direct experience with to comment on...

We personally preferred the interior size of the KitchenAid, and like you were a bit scared off by reviews of fan noise. After poking around all over the internet for every review I could find of multiple ovens, it seems like most modern ovens have that same fan noise complaint so it may just be a price you pay to upgrade from an older oven without a fan.

If you can find an appliance store that has ovens actually installed and functional I'd highly recommend you go and just test out a few and listen yourself so you know what you'll be getting. When I did this a few weeks ago, the fan noise on the latest KitchenAid was noticeable but not bad at all, and sounded alot like the Bosch which I also tested in the same trip. If you do this and have a bit of time on your hands, you can also test things like pre-heat and cooldown times-- the KitchenAid 27" oven I tested went from cold to 350 in just under 20mins, and then after turning it off it took 10mins to cool down enough for the fan to shut down (leaving the door ajar to speed the cool down up).

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jjflight - Very useful information. I haven't yet found a location that has them functional beyond the control panel. Do you have the bosch interior dimensions vs. the KA dimension? Did you purchase the KitchenAid or are you still shopping?

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I'm traveling and away from our notes, so take it with a grain of salt, but if I recall when we measured the KitchenAid was ~22" wide on the inside and the Bosch was a bit under ~21" or so... so a bit over an inch of difference, but was enough we noticed. The one downside to that size increase though is I think the KA takes a bit longer to pre-heat since there's more interior volume to warm up. (which is why I sat around pre-heating an oven in a store to get a feel for it)

And yes, we did purchase a KA 27" double oven, though still waiting on the install.

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My only experience with KA is with slightly older models, but hopefully someone who has a newer one can comment on whether this has been corrected -- I had a new 27" KA in my previous home (installed around 2006) and the convection did not work as I had hoped, that is, when I baked multiple trays of cookies, I still had to turn the pans around and move them around top to bottom to prevent some from being scorched. I now have a Fagor (long story -- but although the company is in bankruptcy, the oven works great) and I can bake 3 trays of cookies at the same time and they all come out evenly done.

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Don't know my new KitchenAid wall oven's model number. I have had no problems with it and have used the self-clean option without the issues reported in slightly older models. An independent small appliance dealer recommended staying away from combo models. I purchased a separate KitchenAid combo microwave-convection oven. It is my go to oven for most meals. My Bosh 36" induction stove top had a lay out that I liked better than anything else I saw. It is excellent.

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electroluxor - can you let me know how old your oven is? Also, do the convection fans run when not in convection mode? I have read some complaints of that and overcooking because of it, but I am not sure if they are hearing the electronics cooling fans running and thinking it is the convection fans.

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You might want to read this thread that has quite a few comments on Electrolux.

Here is a link that might be useful: Oven enamel problems - thoughts?

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I have read the about all the issues on this forum and other resources about all the major brands. Makes me not want to buy anything! Doesn't seem to be any gold standard in the price range I am looking at between the KA self clean and fan issues, Bosch control board and glass issues, Electrolux enamel issues, Wolf enamel issues... Seems like you just have to make the most informed decision you can and then roll the dice.

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Does anyone have any experience with GE Profile? The single convection and/or GE Advantium?

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What about that new Bosch Benchmark oven. Its pretty sexy with its side opening door, and it advertises a self-clean cycle only 2h long - do you think this is to protect the electronics?

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Does anyone use their temperature probe when baking or roasting? We are strongly leaning toward the GE Profile 27", but it doesn't have that feature. We haven't had one in any of our previous ovens so it isn't as if we'd be losing it, but in theory it sounds nice for a turkey or roast - be able to set the temp and walk away more or less. Just wondering if it is useful in practice though, which would steer me more to the Bosch.

Juno - The Benchmark series only is available in 30". I don't know about the 2 hour clean cycle's purpose (they market it as a "green" feature), but the new 800 and 500 series has it too.

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We decided on (and ordered from AJ Madison) the GE Profile convection oven (PK7000SFSS) and Advantium 120 (PSB9100SFSS). It came down to the Bosch and GE since Electrolux did not have a separate mico/convection oven. We decided the Bosch was too much of an unknown quantity at this point with no one in town yet carrying the updated 500 or 800 series to touch it and no established track record. Also, we felt the Bosch was a bit to Euro looking for our traditional kitchen. Anxious to see how they install and operate.

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I will never build in another microwave/oven combo. (And I really dislike the 2000 KA I have. Very costly to repair the microwave, which never lasts as long as an oven. IMO, this is like buying a washer or dryer with a zillion features you will never use. (I have never used the probe in any M/W or oven I've owned: Thermador, GE, KA.)

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jjflight - Don't leave the oven door ajar to speed up cooling. That fan is running to keep the control electronics cool during heating and cool down. When you leave the door ajar you're blasting the control panel with hot air and defeating the purpose of the fan, which could shorten the life of your oven controls.

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I am also deciding on a wall oven, only double wall oven- no microwave and have spent hours on this forum. I am leaning toward the GE profile or the Bosch 500. Might be too early to tell, but how do you like the GE profile? I have read varying reviews on the fan noise which is of concern and led me to considering Bosch. Any other input? Haven't ruled anything out. Thanks!

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Agree with skitdel about not leaving the oven door open to speed up the cool down time. I was doing that for a while on my 7 year old KA single wall oven and the control panel started to go crazy. All of the lights on the panel would light up and then go off and randomly blink several different lights. It did this a couple of times. I reset the breaker and stopped leaving the door open and everything has been fine for a couple of months and hope the damage is not done.

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The all-new Bosch oven lineup looks interesting, especially those with the side-swing doors. The 500 series has a standard drop-down door, but new styling and controls.

(BTW, what's the deal with all the broken links on the Bosch website? It's hard even finding the US appliances page)

Here is a link that might be useful: New Bosch ovens

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I have had the 27" Bosch 500 series for 5 years now, and am very happy with it. It's my only oven, and we use it regularly. I bake bread weekly, roast, slow-cook, bake cakes, pizza, whatever.
The fan is not loud - quiet in fact: it's perfectly easy to carry on a normal conversation. Our house is fairly open plan, and it still isn't an issue.
I found the interior to be very roomy.
You asked about the temperature probe: I only recently started using it, for things like slow-cooked pork shoulder, where it's cooked at a very low temperature, until it reaches the correct internal temperature. It's been very successful for that.
I've only used the self-clean a few times (I try and clean it up as we go - it's pretty easy to do that) and it's been effective. I only set it for 2 hours - it didn't need more.
All in all, I've been very satisfied with the choice.
Hope this helps.

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go with the electrolux over these other brands you have mentioned

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So sorry I did not respond sooner. My KitchenAid wall oven is just a year old. The only thing I do not like is the probe. My Easter ham was 135 degrees, but the oven probe only read 98. This is a feature I love on my Electrolux induction range. I did bake a three layer cake for Easter in the KitchenAid that cooked perfectly in the exact time given in the recipe.

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