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rldesignsApril 24, 2010

I am renovating my kitchen and wld like to use 24" column refrigerator and freezer... for a family of 4 is this size frige too small? and has anyone purchased Liebherr?

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24" for both the refrigerator and freezer will be awfully tight for a family of four unless you shop more than once a week. We have 27", there are two of us, and it stays fairly full.

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Actually, it depends on how much you like packaged food, how much you like to have things long in advance, how much you like to buy things tht you never ever get around to eating but you just keep in the fridge anyway because that is the best home for the object, and then how much you can and do cook with staples like flour, eggs, oil, etc. I buy eggs constantly, and (humor) I could have an egg and milk fridge instead of a drinks fridge. I have less and less fridge space every time I make a change and it hasn't bothered me in the least. Last year we got two small fridges (one is a 24" and the other is undercounter drawers), and since we renovate slowly, very slowly, there is always one of the two fridges out of the kitchen and out of commission while we rebuild something to perfection.... and we cope without going more often to market.

About Liebherr and all the other 24" fridges:: yes, many people have bought these, and many have discussed them here in the last 18 months. Hope you are able to dig up their threads. Using a search engine add a keyword for or gardenweb ...

Many people have a passive freezer also (requires defrosting occasionally).
Many people have a small drinks fridge that costs next to nothing.


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we will also be doing a 24" column freezer. would consider the 30" fridge but we lack the extra clearance to open the door near the island. we do eat a lot af seasonal and fresh frut and veggies. I will price out a beverage fridge.
Thermador vs. Liebherr (on the column)any suggestions??

Here is a link that might be useful: column refrigerator

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You will have about the same capacity as a full-depth, full-sized bottom freezer refrigerator with those two combined units, and that should be good for a family of four. My original assumption was that you were having a single 24" wide combination fridge-freezer

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What you meant was how I originally read the question, but then I wasn't sure. I would not do a 24" fridge/freezer unless you live in an area where you shop daily or nearly every day and don't use a lot of condiments.

But -- for the question as you intended, I have the 30" fridge and 18" freezer. We are a family of 4 (2 teen boys) and have groups of 12-20 on a fairly regular basis. I think the 24/24 would work for most families, and I would love that wider freezer. Do consider your cooking style and the age and needs of your family members. The drawers are great and hold a good amount of produce and meat or whatever. If you tend to have tons of different condiments, different kinds of milk for each family member, as it can be at certain ages, lots of different juices, etc., it could be a squeeze. But I think for most folks, it would work.

Do you have the option of a second fridge in a utility room or garage as a safety net? If so, I would definitely do it.

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Yes we have a second smaller fridge with a freezer on the top in the basement. I needed this for platters when we entertain!

Here is a link that might be useful: column refrigerator

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Since you can handle overflow when you have larger needs, I would go for it. You'll love having the larger freezer. Mine is workable, but just on the tight side for some boxes. The 24 will still handle most platters or average trays, but you have a way to handle larger ones if needed. I love mine and am still wowed by them. We saw displays at Great Indoors when we bought a replacement for our utility fridge and saw the Meile they make also. I had to stop myself from going and telling the young couple looking at another brand that they should really consider the Thermador. ;-)

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I would get the Thermador Freedom columns--they look great. They come in 18", 24", and 30".


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thanks for all your advise... purchased the Thermador columns last night!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: column refrigerator

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I know there is no "exact" answer to this question but I'm wondering what size 'fridge would be sufficient to hold large "party platters". I'm deciding between 27" and 30" for our basement... Smaller "looks" better but I want it to be functional for our needs. We are a family of 6 and have out of town family staying with us frequently and then "in town" family who join us...

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chaylabird: I have a 27" fridge, family of 5, for our main fridge. no real problems fitting items, although on big party days I have sought out using the beverage fridge for space.

I would take some of your platters to an appliance store and see how they fit!! I did this when hunting for dishwashers :)

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I have the 30"wide Fridge Column and the 24 " wide Freezer Column in separate locations in my kitchen and I absolutely love them. How smart was Thermador in the lighting which is fantastic and the additional cooling in the door. We keep our milk in the door and it's always icy cold.
If you are moving to a built in refrigeration system from a regular one and are wondering about size the best advice I can give is to compare cubic feet because a built in is shallower therefore must be wider to equal the same cubic feet of storage.

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